Tessco Wireless Journal September October 2016 Page 9 TESSCO Wireless Journal September-October 2016

SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016 9 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network. Outstanding Performance Constructed of high-quality, braided coaxial cable and low loss connectors, Ventev cable assemblies ensure optimum signal transmission in any application. Industry-leading Value Compare Ventev cable assemblies to other leading brands and save! Pre-Built Cable Assemblies for Fast Delivery Ventev offers a huge inventory of popular, preconfigured cable assemblies that are available to ship immediately. Get Ventev Value on a Variety of Cable Types! Ventev offers General Purpose Low-Loss Indoor or Outdoor, Ultraflex, Fire Retardant, Direct Burial Cable, Semi-Rigid Low PIM and new Plenum Low Loss cable. Choose TWS-100, TWS-195, TWS-240, TWS-400, or TWS-600. CABLE / CABLE ASSEMBLIES For more information visit: Ventev.com/Infra Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com See Ventev cable quality for yourself! Call for Free Sample Cable Kit: 800-851-4965 Nobody Does Coax Cable Assemblies Like Ventev. Outstanding Performance and Industry-Leading Value Wi-Fi Connectors RPTNC, RPSMA Right Angle Antenna & Radio Connectors N, SMA DAS Connectors N, DIN, Mini DIN, QMA, SMA, 4.3/10 Available Connectors How to Protect Indoor Access Points in Tough Environmental Conditions College and corporate campuses, government and military installations, city centers, industrial work zones, and hospitality environments such as hotels and cruise ships, face the challenges associated with extending their networks to meet the demand for continuous Wi-Fi coverage. Many network owners have already built out indoor WLANs and are now exploring how best to move their connectivity outdoors. One option is to purchase and install a new system of outdoor access points from the manufacturer. The second option is to use existing indoor access points and enclose them in durable, weather-resistant, outdoor enclosure systems. Using indoor access points out- doors is an option that is gaining widespread popularity for a number of reasons. First, adding indoor ac- cess points to an installed base on an existing WLAN ensures interop- erability with the other devices and decreases time spent bringing them up on the network. Second, the per- unit cost of the indoor access point and its enclosure is less than that of an outdoor access point, which makes for significant savings when planning a large WLAN extension with multiple units. Third, the out- door enclosure system provides a simple, plug-and-play deployment solution for indoor access points that can be used in situations where there is no AC power. The system in- cludes important components such as antennas, lightning and surge protectors, and automatic heating and cooling elements to protect against harsh environmental con- ditions. Finally, enclosures conceal operating lights, and they include door locks to protect against theft and tampering. Are indoor access points safe in hot & cold outdoor environments? Maintaining indoor access points within a normal operating range is critical to indoor access point functionality and long-term product reliability. Outdoor environmental factors such as moisture from rain, ice, sleet and snow, as well as extreme temperatures, are detrimental to indoor access points. When housed in an outdoor enclosure system that protects from environmental factors, indoor access points can be maintained well within the manufacturer's operating specifications and are safe and reliable outdoors even in the most extreme environmental conditions. Outdoor enclosure systems for indoor access points are designed and fabricated with a robust environmental control system that ensures that all active equipment, such as radios, are within their rated values and safely protected from harsh environmental conditions. Enclosures are const- ructed of 100 percent non-metallic, polycarbonate material and meet high NEMA/IP protection ratings; NEMA 3R for vented enclosures and NEMA 4 for non-vented models. NEMA 4X-rated enclosures are appropriate for the harshest of environments. Heating and cooling elements are added to outdoor enclosure systems to eliminate the potential for external temperature shocks and to maintain the ambient temperature of the enclosure within manufacturer-specified operating temperatures. Visit ventev.com/infra.

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