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SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 8 RF Filtering Test & Measure Surge Protection Microwave Antennas As user demands and the need for safety grows, so does the need for power and signal integrity. PolyPhaser Transtector provides RF, AC, DC and data line surge protection to keep your networks operating and online. Please contact your TESSCO sales expert today to learn more or visit tessco.com PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Low PIM 4.3/10 Coaxial Adapters Ideal for areas with limited space, high density, and weight restrictions, Amphenol RF's new line of 4.3/10 adapters feature excellent low PIM and return loss characteristics. The series of highly stable connectors can nearly eliminate PIM concerns with reduced mating torque requirements compared to 7/16 DIN products. They are also 60 percent lighter than 7/16 DIN. Ideal for applications in base station, multi-channel antennas, DAS, cell installations, wireless infrastructure, lab, and others requiring consistent electrical performance, low return loss, and low IMD, the 4.3/10 adapters come with in-series and between series configurations. Visit www.tessco.com/ manufacturers/amphenol-rf. TESSCO No. 584949 4.3/10 Plug-N Jack List: $45.03 TESSCO No. 594949 4.3/10 Plug-N Plug List: $45.03 TESSCO No. 550050 4.3/10Plug-4.3/10 RA Jack List: $51.66 TESSCO No. 594950 4.3/10Jack-4.3/10 BH Jack List: $47.69 SOD Series Enclosures Offer Versatility DDB Unlimited's SOD series of enclosures are crafted from their Alumiflex material, which is lighter than steel but strong enough to rack the heaviest equipment. With standard features including HVAC climate control, electrical and cable entry solutions and a three point locking system for added security, the SOD series provides easy installation with pad, pole, and wall mounting options. The SOD series meets NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X standards and is ETL Certified to UL standards, plus DDB Unlimited backs them with an industry- leading 15-year warranty. They are ideal for use in any environment, including telecommunications, wireless/broadband, fiber optics, backhaul, base stations, small cell/DAS, utilities, trailer-based communications, and Wi-Fi. DDB Unlimited is a leader and innovator in the design and man- ufacture of outdoor enclosures with a broad selection of quality, feature-rich solutions that can be customized for any application. Visit www.tessco.com/ manufacturers/ddb-unlimited. TESSCO No. 489574 NEMA Outdoor Enclosure 37" Height x 24" Width x 20" Depth List: $1,458.00 Plug-N Jack NEMA Outdoor Enclosure Maximize productivity & stay up-to-date on the status of your vehicles with TESSCOs fleet management solutions. Contact our Fleet Management Team at 888.239.1283 or visit us at www.tessco.com/go/fleet-management. Fleet Insight Efficiency & Register now at www.tessco-one.com. Fiber Capacity & Quality from Wireless With Siklu Wireless extensions to fiber networks provide cost effective flexibility for delivering coverage to end users. Learn how Siklus 60 and 70/80 GHz millimeter wave radios provide multi-gigabit wireless capacity and find out how to achieve carrier-grade reliability over mmWave. https://www.tessco.com/knowledge-center/webinars/tessco-webinars On Demand Webinar

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