Tessco Wireless Journal September October 2016 Page 6 TESSCO Wireless Journal September-October 2016

SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 Digital Dehydrator for Microwave Antenna Systems Pressurization Simplifies Configuration, En- ables Flexibility in the Field Radio Frequency Systems' (RFS) APD-D Series Automatic Pressurization Dehydrator provides reliable pressurization of elliptical waveguide, coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems-and the new digital design enables easy on- site configuration of options such as humidity, high pressure, run time and system purge. APD-D dehydrator includes a self-contained, automated air drying system that utilizes a pressure swing adsorption cycle to provide pres- surized dry air while continuously purging the collected moisture. It can be retrofitted into any existing RFS dehydrator installation, easily inte- grating with existing microwave an- tenna system equipment. It supports easy option upgrades with no system downtime required. Alarms can be cost-effectively added and configured based on customer requirements, even for systems that operate at pressures as low as 1psi. APD-D is available in multiple Standard System Capacity and Large System Capacity models. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rfs. TESSCO No. 522682 Programmed Flash Drive With Field Configured Upgrade Kit List: $75.00 TESSCO No. 509406 Automatic Dehydrator List: $2,716.05 Automatic Dehydrator Test Equipment TESSCO offers the wireless industrys most comprehensive test equipment program, including a portfolio of premier testing vendors and TESSCOs total source supply chain. We have your testing needs covered from fiber and RF to PIM. We have a broad product offering, expert technical support, and inancing options. We make it easy to select, purchase, and support the testing side of your business. Visit www.tessco.com/go/test. TESSCO EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION SERVICES www.tessco.com/go/calibration Confident that your test results are precise? TESSCO delivers fully accredited, certified calibration services to ensure total reliability and confidence in your test instruments & precision tools.

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