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SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 Troubleshoot Interference Sources Faster Viavi's new InterferenceAdvisor TM is the most user-friendly solution for interference hunting available today. Fully automated, InterferenceAdvisor is simple to set up and completely intuitive, allowing one RF engineer to easily identify and locate an interference source in hours rather than days: voice prompts simply direct the engineer to the source of interference! Learn more at www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions. Quickly Detect, Identify & Locate Interference Sources Mobile repeaters or signal boosters are wireless devices that enhance coverage by amplifying and re- transmitting mobile signals in areas of poor signal quality. For a subscriber, with access to the repeater, quality of experience is greatly improved. However, other users sharing the same channel may not be so fortunate, as these devices are transmitting at a much higher power on the same channel as the service provider. Without any network coordi- nation or control, they can cause significant interference, impacting network performance. A major chal- lenge for operators is locating these repeaters so they can take neces- sary action to eliminate the interfer- ence source. Finding and eliminating RF interference is very important to ensure best ROI for the service pro- vider and QoE for the user. Locating these devices in a dense urban environment, where the interfering signal can reflect off objects and take multiple paths, is exponentially difficult. RF engineers have to spend days, if not weeks, lo- cating the source of interference by walking around the neighborhood with a spectrum analyzer and a Yagi antenna. This method is not effi- cient, easy to use, or cost effective. RF engineers need an interference hunting solution that can quickly and efficiently locate and isolate the source of interference. Viavi InterferenceAdvisor TM offers a comprehensive, yet cost effective, solution for locating inter- ference sources. Fully-automated, InterferenceAdvisor is the most us- er-friendly solution available today. Simple to set up and completely intuitive, InterferenceAdvisor allows one RF engineer to easily identify and locate an interference source in hours with minimal effort: voice prompts simply direct the engineer to the source of interference. An en- gineer no longer has to drive, stop to check direction, and drive again to find suspected areas of interference. The EagleEye software automates the entire process and what used to take days to troubleshoot can now be done in hours. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ viavisolutions. 701K-G Classic Tone and Probe The Greenlee 701K-G Tone and Probe Kit is a must have for all technicians involved in telecommunications and data- communications service and testing. The kit includes the 77HP-G High Power Tone Generator and the 200EP-G Tone Probe Amplifier in a rugged, woven nylon carrying case (700C). The 77HP-G High Power Tone Generator permits technicians to identify the conductor within a bun- dle, at a cross-connect point or at the remote end. It can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, data- com, etc), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and most other wiring. It also includes: selectable warble tone, LED and beeper continuity testing, polarity testing, talk battery supply, a two-line modular test lead (RJ-11), three color LED for identifying AC ring voltage, a weather resistant design, RJ11 and RJ45 socket, lanyard and is 9V bat- tery operated (not included). The 200EP-G Tone Probe Amplifier permits wire and cable identification without having to make direct me- tallic contact with the conductor in conjunction with any tone generator. It also features a powerful speaker for noisy environments, recessed on/ off button control and high gain for accurate wire identification in con- gested cable bundles and equipment rooms. In addition, a headset jack (audio shock protected) and an LED Flashlight for working safely behind furniture, inside racks or in dim lighting conditions is included. Also included is a replaceable tip. Visit www.tessco.com/go/greenlee. TESSCO No. 389559 Tone & Probe Kit List: $124.89 Tone and Probe Kit Align Microwave Links Faster Than Ever Before Sunsight Instrument's patent- pending Microwave Path Alignment Kit boasts a quick, high-quality, and extremely precise solution to make the alignment of your microwave links faster and easier than ever before. The only patent-pending solution solution for end-to-end real-time Microwave Path Alignment, and meets accuracy requirements to do licensed microwave beams of 0.15 RMS. Align microwave backhaul antennas in minutes instead of hours or even days using very accurate position data, save thousands in labor and project time per link. Microwave alignment values (azimuth and tilt) are calculated directly by the tool in real-time and are displayed to the user for immediate antenna adjustment. One combined report shows both ends of the link and all the supporting position data and is accessible in the cloud by remote parties instantly. RF signal source is not required. Allows more flexible scheduling of alignment in the field and better use of technician time. Align with or without radios/ODUs. Installed with or without power on the site. Kit can also be used to align standard directional panel antennas. Each AAT-15 can be used to align panel antennas, or single end microwave mode effectively providing five tools (microwave alignment tools, as well as two panel alignment tools). Visit www.tessco.com/go/sunsight. TESSCO No. 506816 Microwave Path Alignment Kit List: $18,999.00 Microwave Path Alignment Kit Versiv Cabling Certification System for Faster Copper & Fiber Certification Certifying a cable is one part of a process that starts with design of a structured cabling system and ends with systems acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you'll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down-testing to the wrong limits, waiting for lead technicians to set up or troubleshoot, and discovering that you have incomplete results after your team has left the construction site. Research shows that over 90 percent of contractors report dealing with issues related to set-up, testing, and reporting every month. It adds up to a week of wasted labor on a typical 1,000 drop job. Versiv is de- signed to eradicate these problems. Its ProjX System manages job re- quirements and progress from setup to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly. The Taptive User Interface simplifies set up, eliminates errors and speeds troubleshooting. The LinkWare Live cloud service gives you visibility and control of the whole process: you can set up and track your testers and inspect results from any mobile device while the job is in process. It even lets you upload and integrate results from multiple testers at multiple jobsites so you can quickly generate reports with the de-facto industry standard LinkWare PC. Eliminate the problems, get jobs done faster, and make money every time you use Versiv. Visit www.tessco.com/ go/flukenetworks. TESSCO No. 565061 Cable Analyzer for Copper Certification List: $10,995.00 Cable Analyzer

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