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SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016 11 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. New Line of Wireless Products Provides Convenience and Flexibility When installing surveillance equip- ment, pulling wire at a brand new site is likely the most labor-intensive component of the job, and there- fore, the most costly. In situations like this, one word seems to pop up often-wireless. Wireless is a word that is often thrown around loosely when it comes to video surveillance. Generally speaking, wireless is re- lated to flexibility and convenience. To state clearly, hardwiring is always the best option. As IP cam- eras became more mainstream in the surveillance market, installing Ethernet cables in these applica- tions became common. There are certain drawbacks to using Ethernet cables, with the main one being the distance limita- tion. With Ethernet, the maximum allowed distance is 100 meters or about 328 feet. Anything beyond that distance, one would have to put a network switch in the middle. With improvements in broad- band as well as advancements in WiFi technologies, wireless video surveillance is now mainstream. Speco Technologies new line of wireless products is designed to provide convenience and flexibility in installations for both commercial and residential applications. First is the AP300M, a point to point wireless access point. The AP300M works in pairs, with one unit set up as a transmitter on the camera side and one unit set up as a receiver on the NVR side. Set up is done through DIP switches on the unit, eliminating the need for setup with a PC. The AP300M can handle the bandwidth of up to 6 full HD 1080p IP cameras, at a distance of up to 7000 ft line of sight. Next up are the APRPT, a WiFi access point, and WIFIMOD, a WiFi adapter for Speco IP cameras. The WIFIMOD provides power and WiFi compatibility to Speco IP cameras. The APRPT provides the WiFi signal to WIFIMOD and connects to the private network port on Speco's NVRs, allowing clear video without affecting bandwidth of the LAN. For residential applications, Speco has released two cameras perfect for residential monitoring. The O2C1 provides 1080p video and comes with a magnetic base and IR LEDs for viewing at night. The O2CP2 also provides 1080p video and is equipped with motorized pan and tilt capability, allowing remote control through the Speco Connect mobile app, free for download. Flexible recording options include SecureGuard VMS, Speco NVRs, and micro SD card recording. Visit www.tessco.com/go/speco. TESSCO No. 595800 Wi-Fi IP Camera, 1080 P, H. 265 List: $423.57 TESSCO No. 549200 Outdoor PTP AP, 5.85 GHz List: $200.24 TESSCO No. 585800 IP Camera Wi-Fi Adapter List: $273.09 Wi-Fi IP Camera A Small, Rugged Ethernet Switch for Outdoor and Factory Environments This compact, rugged Ethernet switch is one of the top sellers for industrial applications, offering the best value and performance when you need to extend Ethernet networks in outdoor or factory environments. The EDS-205A unmanaged industrial switch features plug and play installation and supports up to five 10/100M Ethernet connections. Competitively priced with en- try-level switches, the EDS-205A nevertheless packs a surprisingly robust set of features and certifica- tions that ensure the highest net- work availability in nearly any appli- cation. It features wide temperature operation (-10 to 60C standard, -40 to 75C for extended temp models), redundant power inputs supporting 12/24/48 VDC and 18 to 30 VAC, and built-in broadcast storm protection with DIP switch control. All units are certified for hazardous areas (Class 1 Div 2), marine (DNV/GL), rail (EN 50121-4), and transportation (NEMA TS). Moxa has a long-standing reputation for delivering products of extremely high quality and reliability and conducts a 100% burn-in test for every unit produced to minimize the chance of failure in the field. This makes the EDS-205A an ideal choice when you need high commu- nications reliability and wish to avoid frequent servicing or replacement. Visit www.tessco.com/go/moxa. TESSCO No. 339460 Ethernet Switch, Rugged, Unmanaged List: $99.00 Ethernet Switch Peltor WS-100 Headset: The Sound Solution The 3M Peltor WS100 Communications headset is sound control that's music to your ears. The WS100 makes it easy for workers to communicate, listen to music and talk on the phone. This innovative headset helps reduce exposure to loud sounds and enhances worker safety by making it easier to hear warning signals, conversations, and approaching vehicles. Awareness is improved by ampli- fying lower sound level like voices while attenuating high level work- place sounds. The output is limited to 82dBa. The WS-100 is made of a comfortable stainless steel/pvc handband with black comfortable cups and boom microphone. Bluetooth wireless technology allows direct, discreet communi- cation so you can easily answer or reject incoming mobile phones calls by pressing the PTT (PressToTalk)/ Answer button positioned conve- niently on the left earphone. The 3M Peltor WS-100 headset was designed for applications such as construction, manufacturing, racing, shooting ranges, transportation and workshops, and has a bluetooth range of 30 feet. Visit www.tessco.com/go/3m. TESSCO No. 556644 Peltor WS-100 Communications Headset List: $463.04 3M Peltor WS-100 Headset TESSCO offers a full range of procurement & ecommerce integrations to make managing your supply chain easy & efficient. Order Approval Management Procurement Solutions Contract Vehicle Support www.tessco.com/go/enhancedservices

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