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SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 10 www.tessco.com/manufacturers/cambium-networks e PMP 2000 Access Points and Smart Antennas Setting a new standard for performance, scalability, and reliability in harsh interference environments. The Cambium Networks ePMP 2000 Access Points and Smart Antennas bring interference tolerance to a whole new level with Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming to eliminate off- channel and on-channel interference. Key Features Intelligent Filtering to protect against off-channel interferers and reduce off-channel noise Smart Beamforming for dramatic performance improvements Improved uplink and downlink performance by eliminating packet loss and retransmissions GPS Synchronization and Transmit Power Control for frequency reuse ePMP MAC Protocol and advanced air fairness scheduler to serve up to 120 simultaneous subscriber modules Supports frequencies ranging 5150-5970 MHz 802.3at compliant with 100/1000 BaseT Interface Visit www.tessco.com/ manufacturers/cambium-networks. Pocket-Sized Antenna and Cable Analyzer Features Intuitive Interface Bird Technologies Low Frequency SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer covers frequency ranges from 300 kHz-200 MHz. This pocket-sized Antenna and Cable Analyzer features an intuitive interface readily accessible to the first time user and minimizes clicks for an expert using it every day. Substantial internal storage eliminates the need to worry about file storage, holding thousands of traces on the device for future analysis or reporting, and comes with a three year warranty! With the SiteHawk, it is simple to: Determine if there is a problem with your cable & antenna system using the Measure Match function Locate source of problem with the Use Distance to Fault measurement Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. TESSCO No. 519365 Sitehawk Analzyer Kit, 300kHz-200MHz Includes AC Adapter, Hard and Soft Case, RF Cable, USB Interface Cable, Battery, USB Drive, Instructional Manual. List: $2,950.00 TESSCO No. 516523 SiteHawk Analyzer Kit, 85MHz to 4GHz List: $2,450.00 Sitehawk Analzyer Visit www.tesscouniversity.com for more information. Kaelus PIM Certification September 20, Reno, NV November 1, Hunt Valley, MD December 13, Reno, NV TESSCO Line Sweep September 21, Reno, NV November 2, Hunt Valley, MD December 14, Reno, NV DAS Installation & Maintenance September 7-8, Hunt Valley, MD October 25-26, Reno, NV Small Cell Installation & Maintenance Oct 27-28, Reno NV Featured Course DAS Installation & Maintenance Gain a better understanding of how in-building and stadium DAS systems work, how they're designed, and why design is important, plus learn more about crucial safety procedures. This two-day course is classroom-based and can also be booked for private instruction at a customer location. Open Enrollment Training

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