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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 7 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. TESSCO ONE PREMIER CTIA PARTNERS general but coverage that goes well beyond the basics. And one component of a beyond-expectations wireless experience is aesthetics. In large spaces, reliable wireless networks can be difficult to establish and maintain without the use of high-densi- ty antennas. Ventev's TerraWave antenna both increases capacity per user and reduces channel-to-channel inter- ference. In addition to tackling capacity challenges, Ventev differentiates itself significantly by paying special attention to the aesthetics of their solutions products; its equipment is tailor-made to be self-camouflaging, blending seamlessly into the most classical buildings and the most minimalist in- teriors. Products range from ceiling tile enclosures to paint- able antennas two-thirds the size of legacy options. TESSCO TECHNOLOGIES: The Importance and Future of Fleet Management During a MobileCON main stage presentation, Steven Tom, VP of Pricing and Analytics for TESSCO, spoke to the rapidly evolving trends in fleet management that will create extremely profitable opportunities for wireless companies in the immediate future. The number of wireless fleet management units installed by logistics companies is expected to double in the next year as those companies look to optimize driver behavior, find more direct routes, and spearhead sustainability initiatives. Vehicles are being outfitted with smarter and more exten- sive solutions, including automatic decision-making systems that immediately schedule maintenance appointments with the correct technicians based on live-updating diagnostics. And the vehicles aren't the only thing logistics companies are looking to connect: in new fleet management systems, the drivers themselves will be outfitted with wearable tech- nology that guarantees they are driving safely and alertly. Overall, the wireless companies that address the urgent and exclusive needs of the growing fleet management consumer base will stand to earn great profits. TESSCO, SAMSUNG WIRELESS ENTERPRISE, AND NPD GROUP: Adapting Your Business to Capitalize on the Latest Mobile Trends Liz Robinson, VP of Mobile Devices and Accessories at TESSCO, was joined by Kevin Herbert, GM/VP of Accessories at Samsung, and Jill Aldort, Director of Mobile at The NPD Group, the foremost analytics firm in wireless. Together, they covered exactly how retail businesses can make the most of wireless trends in the upcoming holiday season. Three product categories are leading the charge with over $1 billion each in yearly gross: headphones, fitness devices, and wireless speakers. Headphones alone have surpassed $2 billion. Retailers would do well to capitalize on the success of these product categories by expanding their offerings, creating inviting and well-planned merchandising by sorting their items based on the lifestyles they support, and letting premium products with strong brand stories take center stage on the shelves. If you liked what you saw at CTIA, TESSCO has even big- ger things right around the corner: our biggest event of the year, TESSCO ONE Innovation & Showcase Conference, is coming to Phoenix in February 2016. We'll be gathering our best experts and top partners under one roof to deliver the hottest news and the freshest technology in wireless. You can register now at TESSCO-ONE.com/phoenix. We'll see you there! TESSCO ONE AT CTIA

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