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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 On behalf of everyone at TESSCO, we thank you for taking part in CTIA SuperMobility 2015, the show within a show at CTIA MobileCON. Whether you attended the show or viewed the live streams, we hope you had a truly worthwhile experience. We'd also like to extend a very special thank you to our partners CommScope, Ericsson, Rajant, Samsung Wireless Enterprise, Ventev, weBoost, Westell, and 3M . You helped transform the TESSCO booth into a major MobileCON hotspot by offering unique perspectives and valuable expertise to the show's guests. CTIA set the stage for a very important announcement from TESSCO: We are proud to officially extend our partnership with Associated Carrier Group (ACG). In addition to supplying mobile device accessories offered by ACG to over 27 member carriers, TESSCO will now supply base sta- tion infrastructure products and solutions. This is a major step forward in providing ACG's clients with the most comprehensive services possible at the best prices. Additionally, TESSCO has begun implementing a brand-new, creative supply chain solution: local depots that will bring products closer to their project destinations to complete critical on-time, on-requirement fulfillments. Depots are currently located in Maryland and Nevada, with a Dallas depot on the way this calendar year. If you missed CTIA, highlights from the show can be found as full- length videos on TESSCO-ONE.com. ERICSSON: Carrier Quality and End-to-end Connectivity for the Enterprise Bernard Taliaferro, Head of Distributor Management at Ericsson, spoke to the company's vast reach in all areas of wireless connectivity. As the world's largest supplier of LTE and fifth largest software company, Ericsson holds over 33,000 patents. They are not just global, they are intergalactic: a rugged Ericsson access point adorns the International Space Station. Mr. Taliaferro introduced Ericsson's latest networking advancement: the wireless fiber products known as the Mini Link series. They are the world's smallest high-power radio units-softball-sized, super- high-performance antennas capable of providing enterprises with upwards of 5 Gbps in capacity across a secure owned spectrum. They are powerful, aesthetically pleasing, and able to provide a redundant backup connection for any leased line network-or to replace the leased line altogether. COMMSCOPE: On-site ION-E Demo CommScope occupied the TESSCO MobileCON booth with its unique and versatile solution for indoor enterprise wireless systems: ION-E. With over one billion employee-owned smartphones and tablets expected to be used in enterprises by 2018 and over 80 percent of current mobile sessions occurring indoors, the need to address the challenge of creating simple, scalable, and sustainable indoor wireless solutions has never been greater. Enter the ION-E, CommScope's unified wireless infrastructure platform. The ION-E features multiband, multioperator, and multitechnology capa- bilities that can all be deployed using existing IT-based cabling architec- tures. Any enterprise's existing IT department could, in theory, install the ION-E system, which has the ability to wire any signal to any UAP. With features like remote commissioning, easy traffic steering, and automatic signal detection, the versatility of ION-E is unprecedented. VENTEV: Beyond the Basics of Wi-Fi Coverage Customer expectations of the wireless industry have evolved rapidly over the past few years: Customers now demand not only coverage in "It Was Quite A Show" Submitted by Carolyn Holliday, TESSCO Technologies

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