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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 2 FEATURED SOLUTIONS IT personnel have to prioritize bandwidth and determine what services are going to be put on it without reducing quality for users. The heterogeneous wireless network is critical because users expect wireless to always be available. Providing Wi-Fi and DAS Since most enterprises agree that wireless connectivity in the building should include both Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, the ability to provide both over the same cabling infrastructure used to support the traditional IT network, as well as IP security cameras, HD monitors, and even LED lighting, is very advantageous. CommScope, for instance, has developed an in-building wireless solution that operates on a familiar infrastructure and makes it easy to implement, and it's similar to tools we already use for Wi-Fi. The result of this implementation is an infrastructure with the ability to support everything from traditional IT to digital signage and sensors to Wi-Fi and DAS. If this infrastructure is installed from day one, IT doesn't have to worry about running a new infrastructure every time a new de- vice is added. An example of an optimal implementation involves a customer with an 802.11 AC wireless network in the office space. Since Wave2 exceeds backhaul of 1 gig, the customer has Category 6A cabling to support it. Using a fiber infrastructure between floors and copper twisted pair infrastructure in the horizontal, IT managers can deploy ION-E universal access points where in-building wireless is needed. Today, an IT professional can run a predictive study to determine the best placement of wireless access points, and similar tools and methodologies are available to determine placement for these new universal access points. While yet to be implemented, it promises to be a very simple way to adapt DAS to existing wireless networks. Successful ION-E Deployments One of Benton's customers, a major telecommunications provider, recently implemented ION-E. They chose ION-E because it's so IT-friendly, easy to plan and deploy, and simple to manage. Benton has also seen successful implementations in data centers. Based on the physical structure of many data centers, gaining cellular access can be challenging. Taking a familiar system and building it into the data center gives full coverage within the center. This keeps the same network in place and provides critical cell coverage for employees. What's Next for CommScope? Watching the evolution of wireless, it's clear that cellular is growing the same way. 5G is the next step, and consumer demand is increasing. With an approximate release date of 2020, 5G will offer 50 times the speeds of 4G and much lower inactivity. This will be possible with millimeter wave technologies that increase bandwidth, and 5G promises the ability to support full HD video streaming over the cellular network as well as increased distances for better bandwidth. In a future that is driven by an "Internet of Things", 5G is a must, and it will dramatically increase the capacity for deployments. It's clear that the next step will need to be data-driven. (continued from page 1) Wireless as the Next Utility DISCOVER WHAT'S NEXT. FEBRUARY 23-24 PHOENIX, AZ LEARN MORE AT TESSCO-ONE.COM With an approximate release date of 2020, 5G will offer 50 times the speeds of 4G and much lower inactivity. power cell 3015 c CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE 800.759.9996 Stay good to go on-the-go. This universal, portable battery charger provides 12.5 additional hours of talk time, 10 hours of internet and video playback, and 50 hours of audio time. Slim, lightweight design features a 3000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. Available with built-in Micro USB or Apple Lightning cable, and LED indicator lights that show the battery level. power cell 3015c w. Micro USB cable 516399 $49.99 w. Apple Lightning cable 543600 $49.99 CHARGE SUPER CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE 800.759.9996 VENTEV.COM/MOBILE

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