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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 18 INSTALLATION & TEST MAINTENANCE JDSU is now Viavi Solutions Viavi provides the actionable insights your business needs to become a forward-thinking organization ready to adapt, transform, and thrive. We work with you throughout the entire network lifecycle to understand your needs so we can deliver the right solutions to help your business succeed. We see things differently so that the people who power your business can, too. Learn more about our approach at www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions. Empowering our customers to become ISIONARIES JDSU Network and Service Enablement, Network Instruments, and Arieso are now Viavi Solutions. Cloud-RAN Challenges the Way We Build and Commission Our Mobile Networks The idea that the radio and controller functions in a mobile base station could be separated to independently evolve the analog and digital parts of the cellular network and that networks can be virtualized so that multiple controllers share the same inexpensive server hardware are the technical innovations that enabled Cloud-RAN or C-RAN. In a C-RAN deployment, the remote radio head (RRH) is connected, using fiber, to a virtual base station controller (BBU) that could reside miles away in a centralized, climate-controlled and power protected environment. These "front haul" circuits use the CPRI and OBSAI protocols to provide reliable delivery of the digital signal. While this innovation reduces the cost of building cellular networks, it also challenges us to rethink how we build them reliably. Testing similar to fiber to the antenna (FTTA) deployments is required. However, the signal has to travel over longer distances where regenerators, amplifiers and CWDM equipment may be in use, creating the need for bit error rate and latency testing. The T-BERD 5800 by Viavi Solutions is the ideal tool for build- ing and commissioning C-RAN net- works. The 5800 supports the same OTDRs and CWDM OSA used in the T-BERD 2000/4000, the P5000i fiber microscope, and the MP-60 and MP-80 power meters used in FTTA deployments. Additionally, the 5800 delivers line-rate BER pattern gener- ation inside CPRI/OBSAI frames to both measure nanosecond accurate latency and the BER of the circuit, ensuring it conforms to the standard and to manufacturer recommenda- tions. For ease of troubleshooting, the 5800 monitors any Layer 2 CPRI/ OBSAI circuit or can emulate a BBU or an RRH. With a 3-year warranty and calibration cycle, the T-BERD 5800 is designed to efficiently and cost effectively build, commis- sion,and troubleshoot C-RANs. Visit www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions. TESSCO No. 540694 TB5800 Handheld Network Tester List: $7,000.00 Keep Your Communications Up and Running Be assured that your communica- tion system is up and running at all times with Bird's new Channel Power Monitor. This exciting new monitoring system provides you with continuous information on the health of each component of your system and is accessible on any computer or tablet on the network or even the phone in your pocket. The Channel Power Monitor is comprised of a single RU central processor and a variety of sensors, which work together to monitor all of the major components of a radio system, including each individual radio, the combiner, the feed lines, and antenna. These inexpensive sensors are placed throughout the system, with a 5% accuracy that is traceable to NIST, and bring the reliability you have come to expect from Bird Technologies. The Channel Power Monitor hosts its own web page for setup and display of all measurement parameters. This enables you to immediately access the system from any computer, tablet, or phone on your network, only limited by your network security. The web page dis- plays all measurements and easily allows you to set up alarms for failure conditions such as high or low power or poor antenna VSWR. The unit includes SNMP functionality with both software and hard contact alarms and can even be configured to send an email to alert you to an emergency condition. The system also comes standard with Data Logging, which takes reliability one step further by enabling you to see degraded performance before it becomes an emergency. When you need certainty that your radio communication system is working when you need it, trust the Bird Channel Power Monitor. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. TESSCO No. 524375 Channel Power Monitor Display List: $1,800.00 TESSCO No. 535624 Non-Directional Power Sensor, 144-960 MHz Frequency Range 100W, 50 Ohms, 1.07 VSWR, N Male and N Female Connectors List: $195.00 TESSCO No. 505623 Directional Power Sensor, 144-960 MHz, 500W, 10dB Dynamic Range, 50 Ohms, 1.21 VSWR, N Male and N Female Connectors List: $550.00 Channel Power Monitor www.tessco.com/go/facebook TM www.tessco.com/go/twitter Manage your supply chain easily and efficiently. Deploying and maintaining a communications solution requires more than purchasing the right product. From our in-house warranty support and trade-in programs to our extensive kitting and configuration offerings, TESSCO helps you get the full power out of your supply chain. TESSCO is Your Total Source for GSA-Approved Products SCHEDULES Contract GS-24F-0090N Contract GS-06F-0008P Contract GS-35F-0548P > ! 3 Schedules > ! 118 Manufacturers > ! 15,000+ Products www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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