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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 17 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. NETWORK SYSTEMS Gigabit Capacity, Low Complexity Feature-Packed Radios The Liberator millimeter wave (mmW) point- to-point wireless Ethernet bridges deliver multi-gigabit capacity for demanding backhaul and connectivity requirements. Operating in the license exempt or lightly licensed 60 and 70/80 GHz millimeter wave bands, the Liberator radios deliver highest capacity at very low cost for rapid ROI, ideal for short and mid-haul connectivity, network extension, and backhaul applications. Liberator radios pack huge performance and resilience into a small form factor, well suited for discrete street-level networks. The all outdoor Liberator systems make for easy, fast installation, with light or no licensing re- quirements, and the interference-free operation characteristics of mmW spectrum. Millimeter wave spectrum provides ample radio frequency bandwidth, ideal for the needs of higher capac- ity networks. And the very narrow beam widths offer inherent frequency re-use, interference immunity, and security advantages. The Liberator V-1000 60 GHz radio delivers full-duplex capacity of up to 1 Gbit/s over dis- tances of up to 800 meters. And the Liberator E-1000e, operating in the 70/80 GHz millimeter wave E band, delivers full duplex capacity of up to 1 Gbit/s over distances of up to 4 km. Both radios utilize frequency division duplexing (FDD) with the full capacity of the radio avail- able in both directions simultaneously. Visit www.tessco.com/go/fastbacknetworks. TESSCO No. 521501 Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Bridge, Includes Two Radios, Two Alignment and Two Mast Brackets, Two Ice Bridges, Two Cable Seal Kits, Quick Start Guide. List: $7,195.00 TESSCO No. 538495 Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Bridge, Includes Two Radios, Two Antennas (1ft dish), Two Mast Brackets, Two Ethernet cable seal kits, 1 Quick Start Guide. List: $7,625.00 Fusion LTE Router Comes to the Rescue of Fire Department First responders rely on situational awareness to improve safety, response time and effective- ness. At an incident scene, CalAmp's Fusion provides information over 4G LTE from laptops and other devices via a vehicle area network (VAN). Oakland Fire relied on legacy systems that couldn't support today's wireless data applica- tions. At times, first responders navigated using physical maps with hand-written notes. They needed a high-bandwidth solution that would provide additional capabilities: High configurability and ability to evolve with future technologies such as Band 14 or FirstNet Seamless integration into existing network topologies Ability to bridge between legacy networks and 4G LTE Remote management (e. g. with CalAmp's cloud-based solution, DeviceOutlook) Fusion provides Oakland Fire real-time access to building plans, fire records, inspection reports, patient care history, and other databases via 4G LTE. With Fusion's precise 50-channel GPS, responders can now locate calls using a graphical map on a laptop in the vehicle. Through the creation of a VAN, the Fusion provides Wi-Fi to share the broadband connection with local laptops and other devices. Along with legacy dispatch and AVL applications, Fusion supports modern CAD applications for secure fire dispatch and status updates. Visit www.tessco.com/go/calamp. TESSCO No. 504943 Fusion LTE Router for Fixed or Portable Applications List: $1,290.00 TESSCO No. 542105 DeviceOutlook Mobile Device Management Platform. List: $26.00 Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Bridge High Definition Cameras for Every Application There is no need to sacrifice image quality. Whether it's IP or analog Speco has the high-definition solution for every application. With Intensifier technology available in these cameras, you can see the same crys- tal-clear, color images in HD in very low-light conditions. Speco's best-selling, full 1080p Intensifier IP technology, is perfect for any video sur- veillance application and is easily scalable to meet growing needs. Our NS series NVRs auto-detect the cameras making the install quick and easy. Speco Technologies HD-TVI camera and DVR line are for those who want a cost- effective 1080p upgrade to their existing coax infrastructure. With HD-TVI Intensifier T technology, there are no issues with IRs or distance of cabling run. Speco's HD-TVI devices support UTC (up-the- coax) functionality, which allows control of camera's OSD directly from the DVR, reducing time spent on the ladder. With prices similar to standard analog devices, enjoy a smooth and cost-effective transition to HD. Speco Technologies high-performance SecureGuard Servers come pre-loaded with our powerful and easy-to-use VMS Software. SecureGuard Servers are fully scalable to meet the growing demands of any business' surveillance needs. Visit www.tessco.com/go/speco. TESSCO No. 535623 HD 1080p 2MP Dome IP Camera List: $699.00 Intensifier HD-TVI Camera Microwave Backhaul Solutions for the Real World Backhaul is a key element in creating high- performing networks, but challenges mount when clear line of site isn't a reality. In the real world, businesses and industries of all types must find alternatives when connecting non-contiguous sites. They are faced with hills, valleys, trees, buildings, and other encumbrances to clear line of sight. Ericsson's spectrally-efficient non-line-of- sight (NLOS) solutions enable businesses to optimally deploy network infrastructure based on what works best in the radio environment, encumbered sight and all, achieving 4 to 6 times more capacity in backhaul compared to traditional NLOS solutions. A leading TESSCO value-added reseller worked with Ericsson to deliver a NLOS wire- less fiber solution to a leading fixed wireless fiber alternative provider. This service provider faced challenges in their New York City market as they were completing a network expansion project. The NYC topography and distance between the sites resulted in an unclear line of sight between their tower locations. Ericsson's high-output, high-performance microwave solution gave the service provider immediate access to hard-to-reach sites that required more sophisticated capabilities. Ericsson's wireless fiber was an ideal solution to tackle NLOS challenges faced by this ser- vice provider. It helped them service buildings they could not traditionally reach by either over-building on infrastructure or previously not serving the area. Deploying Ericsson's 28 GHz MINI-LINK PT2020 Wireless Fiber, they are now able to provide service more effectively in existing urban areas, offering fixed wireless and small cell services while leveraging their exist- ing infrastructure. Sufficient network capacity to deliver a stable 200 Mbps connection has been achieved, even in this NLOS environment. In addition, service provider can now connect hard-to-reach sites throughout the city with fast time to market at a lower cost. Customers today demand consistent, high-quality connectivity. Enterprises wrestle with how to serve those needs and still man- age the costs and security of their networks. Ericsson's wireless fiber is the perfect solution to deliver high-performing networks that grow along with the business but also allow reduc- tion in operating costs over traditional wired networks. Ericsson's wireless fiber provides quick deployment of high-performance connec- tivity in NLOS situations, when fiber solutions and other technologies are not viable or reliable enough. A market leader with innovative and flexible microwave solutions, Ericsson has "seen it all" and strives to foresee even the most obscure variables that could stand in the way of a pow- erful, reliable, and effective microwave backhaul solution. With Ericsson, consistent, high-quality connectivity is a reality, even in the most chal- lenging environments. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ericsson. Fusion LTE Router TESSCO offers all government customers the products, service and support to meet all of your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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