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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 15 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS toll-free 800.472.7373 website www.tessco.com/go/pctel PCTEL's Multi-band Antenna Provides Maximum Durability and Performance for Mobile Data and Video Communications Provides voice, video and data transmission Covers LTE, Cellular and Wi-Fi Frequencies MIMO technology for maximum throughput Ideal for Fleet, Public Safety and Mass Transit Applications Durable IP67 Compliant Design White or black housing options Visit tessco.com for details on PCTEL's GPSHPMIMO Antenna SKU# 398224 PCTEL'S MULTI-BAND ANTENNA IS DURABLE AND VERSATILE FOR FLEET APPLICATIONS Multi-Band Antenna Easy Antenna Solution Supports Data-intensive Features for Fleet Vehicles Public safety and mass transit fleet vehicles rely on high throughput wireless connections to ensure safety and efficiency in their operations. This requires LTE high- speed data while on the road plus GPS to provide location information. Additionally, high-performance MIMO capability is needed for critical data-intensive applications like live video monitoring and intelligent transportation systems. Once the vehicle returns to its station, Wi-Fi may be used to download video and other data from the vehicle. PCTEL's GPSHPMIMO antenna covers LTE, cellular, WiMAX and WiFi frequencies plus GPS and delivers all wireless needs in a single antenna. It provides customers with an easy solution that supports data-intensive features. The antenna may be used with popular laptop docking stations and LTE radios installed in public safety vehicles. PCTEL's antennas are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions encountered in various deployment scenarios. PCTEL's fleet antennas deliver high-performance multiband cov- erage in a compact package. They combine all antenna elements into one IP67-rated housing, with a sin- gle cable exit that simplifies perma- nent installation. Like all of PCTEL's multiband mobile MIMO antennas, this platform is available in both permanent and magnetic mount configurations. Visit www.tessco.com/go/pctel. TESSCO No. 398224 High-Performance, GPS Multiband MIMO Antenna, Covers 698-3800MHz List: $250.00 LTE and GPS Antenna Sized or Utility Cabinets and NEMA Boxes Mobile Mark's new LTB Series blade-style antenna combines two cellular, LTE elements and one GPS element in a slim, compact radome. The antenna is designed to be mounted on utility cabinets or NEMA boxes. The LTB antenna's slim footprint measures only 1 inches deep by 7 inches long, and less than 4 inches tall (19 cm x 3.8 cm x 10 cm). It is attached through a single mounting hole that accommodates all three cable connections. A special gasket preserves the IP67 water ingress rating when properly mounted. The antennas radomes are aesthetically pleasing and rugged enough to meet tough conditions. The grey ASA material is UV- resistant and was selected to blend in well with most cabinets. The LTB antennas are ground-plane independent and designed to perform on either a fiberglass or a metal box. The broadband cellular LTE element covers 694-960 and 1710-2700 MHz, and the GPS element covers 1575 MHz. The LTB can also be configured without GPS. Although the LTB antennas were designed for utility cabinets and NEMA boxes, they can be mounted in any setting where a slim profile is desired. They offer outstanding electrical performance as well as a unique mechanical package. Visit www.tessco.com/go/mobilemark. TESSCO Skus Coming Soon Slim Profile Antenna Designed for Utility Boxes Remotely monitor backup batteries With Battery Remote Test Monitor Knowledge is Power! Critical power backup systems must be ready if commercial power fails. But how do you know if backup batteries are ready? Ventev offers first-to- market technology that remotely monitors backup battery health. The Battery Remote Test Monitor (BTRM): Offers peace-of-mind. By providing 24/7 test and monitor of backup battery capacity, users know that if power fails, the battery backup system will operate as expected Sends exception reports. Receive reports at your desk via SNMP, text or email using Ethernet or DNP3 Reduces costs. Replace batteries only if needed and reduce frequency of truck rolls to replace batteries The versatile BTRM can also remotely check component voltages, monitor a door alarm, activate a camera when an alarm occurs and monitor thermal conditions. Visit: ventev.com/BTRM or call 800.851.4965 p After you choose the radio, choose Ventev. To deploy, power and protect your essential equipment Multiband Mobile MIMO Antenna

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