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OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2015 13 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS 4x6 COMBO Laird **Ad skus coming 9/25 New DAS Antennas Ensure Highly-reliable Emergency Voice and Data Radio Coverage Radio communications can be unreliable inside large and small facilities, multi-floor and high- rise office buildings, apartment complexes and public venues. In-building structural-, mechanical- and electrical-generated interference, and the many obstructions encountered by emergency personnel moving through the building, weaken two-way radio and wireless device signals, causing communications to be dropped. A lack of reliable communication can be dangerous for emergency responders, such as police, paramedics, and firefighters, as well as for the building occupants they are trying to help. To ensure consistent, highly reliable emer- gency voice and data radio coverage inside buildings, Laird engineers have designed a range of new antennas for a distributed antenna system (DAS). The CMS Standard and CMS Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Omnidirectional DAS Antennas deliver superior wide-band performance across the 380-960 MHz and 1395-6000 MHz bands, including the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-3) band and LTE 600 MHz band. Both antennas are IP67 rated for dirt and dust intrusion and temporary water immer- sion, making them ideal for highly reliable operation in harsh indoor and outdoor condi- tions. Compliant with in-building International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Associated (NFPA) regulations the CMS Standard and Low PIM antennas sup- port applications, including multi-floor and high rise office buildings, indus- trial and apartment complexes, and public venues. The CMS Public Safety DAS antennas come standard with an industry-leading, 5-year materials and workmanship product warranty. Visit www.tessco.com/go/laird. TESSCO No. 524410 Indoor Broadband Low-PIM Omni Antenna With Plenum Cable. List: $172.42 TESSCO No. 505589 Indoor Broadband Low-PIM Omni Antenna With Plenum Cable. List: $150.00 Test Equipment TESSCO offers the wireless industrys most comprehensive test equipment program, including a portfolio of premier testing vendors and TESSCOs total source supply chain. We have your testing needs covered from fiber and RF to PIM. We have a broad product offering, expert technical support, and financing options. We make it easy to select, purchase, and support the testing side of your business. Visit www.tessco.com/go/test. Laird In-Building Public Safety DAS Antenna Solutions Ensure Highly Reliable Voice & Data Communications for Emergency Responders Standard 380-520 MHz / 600-900 MHz / 1395-1435 MHz / 1690-6000 MHz capability all from one compact IP67 rated housing. Low PIM PIM: 3rd Order, 2 x 20W (Typ) <-154 dBc / <-152 dBc 380-520 MHz / 600-900 MHz / 1395-1435 MHz / 1690-6000 MHz capability all from one compact IP67 rated housing. Single port broadband antenna with provision for the UHF, 600 MHz, 1390- 1432 MHz and AWS-3 bands in a single solution. Compact overall size is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. IP67 rated ingression protection, RoHS compliant and excellent flame retardancy rating. Compliant with in-building International Fire Code (IFC) & National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. Design engineered for maximum performance using Laird proprietary RF optimization and testing tools. Laird warrants to the original end user customer of its products that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Subject to conditions and limitations Laird will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. This limited warranty is in force for the useful lifetime of the original end product into which the Laird product is in- stalled. Useful lifetime of the original end product may vary but is not to exceed five (5) years from the original date of the end product purchase. CMS38606-30NF Link to SKU www.tessco.com/go/laird TESSCO No. 524410 TESSCO No. 505589 Low-PIM Omni Antenna TESSCO No. 524410 Low-PIM Omni Antenna TESSCO No. 505589

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