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The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 25 MOBILE DEVICES & ACCESSORIES www.tessco.com/go/twj October / November 2014 Jabra Supreme UC Active Noise Cancellation to enhance your listening experience Patented flip boom arm for compact carrying Switch seamlessly between cell and UC softphone calls Jabra Freeway Works with your smart phone to control calls, GPS, texts, emails, podcasts, music and more Make and take calls just using your voice Sensor technology turns the device on and off automatically Tessco Part No. 308999 Tessco Part No. 530383 Introducing Your Mobile Office www.tessco.com/go/jabra Protect Your New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Trident's new product lines, Aegis Wallet and Apollo Folio, not only offer a smart design, but also pro- vide excellent everyday protection against drops and bumps. The new Aegis Wallet features a cardholder that can store up to three cards or bills. This case is great for protection on the go when you don't want to carry a lot with you. The Apollo Folio includes a two- in-one case with each retail pack- age. It includes an interchangeable folio cover that contains 2 card slots and a spare back plate that transforms your folio case into a standard Apollo case. Unbeatable Protection Without the Bulk The Kraken, Cyclops and Aegis lines are back to keep your new iPhones protected. The rugged cases are some of the thinnest on the market and still meet or exceed military standards for drop, rain, dust and vibration. Keep your phone moving as much as you do with the Kraken A.M.S. case, designed to adapt to your lifestyle with A.M.S. attach- ments. Remove the interchangeable media stand in the back to attach your case to a variety of mounts, including mounts for your car, bike and tabletops. Cyclops and Aegis cases are great alternatives for exceptional protection with minimal bulk. Cyclops features a two-piece case with a built-in screen protector, and the Aegis features a two-piece case with a self-applicable screen protector. Visit www.tessco.com/go/trident. TESSCO No. 518629 Aegis Case With Screen Protector Kit, White List: $39.95 TESSCO No. 541359 Apollo Folio Case, Lavender List: $34.95 TESSCO No. 516271 Kraken AMS Case With Beltclip/Holster, Blue List: $49.95 TESSCO No 541358 Apollo Folio Case, Lavender List: $34.95 TESSCO No. 544267 Kraken AMS Case With Beltclip/Holster, Blue List: $49.95 Aegis Wallet and Apollo Folio Cases Now is the time of year when you're traveling to see family, friends, or setting out on a bucket list adventure. No matter where your travel takes you, stay connected with a Wilson Cellular Signal Booster. www.tessco.com/go/wilson DON'T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT A SIGNAL TESSCO SKU 569517 Tablet Docking Stations Solve Mobility Concerns Havis Docking Stations for tablets are the ideal solution for all your computing needs. Designed with versatility in mind, Havis mounting options allow for docking and usage in almost any work environment. These docking stations offer com- puter charging, security and connec- tion to peripherals in medical, mate- rial handling, enterprise and in-vehicle workplaces. Tablet docking stations by Havis include compatible solutions spe- cifically for Panasonic, Dell, Getac, Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface. A universal tablet mount to accom- modate most 10-inch tablets is also available. Havis provides a wide range of computing and mounting solutions, including peripheral accessories, which are a perfect fit for any individual or agency using a vehicle as a mobile workstation. It offers the industry's most reliable platform for connecting peripherals to fur- ther improve productivity. A total mobility solution starts with a business problem that typi- cally requires several components to successfully resolve it: software, hardware, connectivity and integra- tion, docking and mounting, and professional installation. Havis knows that the overall goal of the mobile workforce is to increase productivity while decreasing over- all costs and keeping workers safe. Maximize your productivity with Havis lightweight yet strong designs that are built with theft deterrence, longevity and stability in mind. Visit tessco.com/go/havis. TESSCO No. 579470 Toughbook Certified Docking for Panasonic Toughpad G1 Tablets List: $734.19 Tablet Docking Stations Include Compatible Solutions For a Variety of Brand Names.

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