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FEATURED SOLUTION www.tessco.com/go/twj 23 October / November 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. Demand for both water and power resources continues to grow. Technology advances allow increasingly sophisticated management of these resources, including remote monitoring and control. Whether managing distribution automation, advanced metering infrastructure and substation automation for electric utilities, or measuring water levels, equipment performance and flow rates for a water utility, wireless is becoming fundamental for utility management. As the use of wireless monitoring expands, so does the variety and volume of places we need to mount wireless equipment. For example, smart meter collection points and monitored reclosers on distribution lines both require numerous wireless connections. One of the considerations for an AMI or distribution automation deployment, expansion, site upgrade or repair is where and how the equipment will be mounted. Whether you need to mount a radio on a wood pole or an antenna on the side of a building, TESSCO provides the mounts you need. TESSCO's portfolio of mounts addresses the challenges of distributed points in a remote monitoring network. Whether you are embarking on your first remote monitoring project or have been managing a SCADA system for years, TESSCO helps you solve the challenges of building and maintaining an infrastructure reliable enough for your critical communications. From deciding between a private data network or a 4G/LTE public network, to transitioning from analog to digital, to determining the power requirements for a remote site, TESSCO's proven framework for architecting and deploying high-performance networks adapts to your unique objectives. From product selection to custom engineering, from physical product configuration to supply chain solutions, TESSCO has what you need to route, manage and transport data from a remote site to the network operations center. Visit www.tessco.com to learn more. REMOTE MONITORING & CONTROL Mounting Solutions for a Smarter Grid Your Remote Monitoring Resource Saddle Bracket from Wireless Solutions TESSCO No. 567796 Lightweight Antenna Mount from Second Sight Systems TESSCO No. 516552 Also available in a reinforced version. FEATURED SOLUTION The Saddle Bracket from Ventev's Wireless Solutions is engineered for quick, reliable installation of Silver Spring and other outdoor radios. The bracket colocates compo- nents such as batteries and antennas with the radio for faster, less expensive deployments. A universal, slotted mounting plate allows for flexible, precise articulation and optimal coverage. FEATURED SOLUTION The lightweight antenna mounts from Second Sight Systems allow for both pole and wall mounting. Weighing in at 1.8 pounds (4.1 pounds for the reinforced model), the lightweight mount provides a versatile option for many applications, such as SCADA, AMI, distribution automation and other remote monitoring applications.

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