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October / November 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 21 INSTALLATION, TEST & MAINTENANCE www.tessco.com/go/twj Turn your RF techs into fiber test experts-instantly Today, techs test RF and fiber. Equip them with RF/fiber instruments from JDSU: the world leader in fiber test. Get more info at www.tessco.com/go/jdsu RF, meet Fiber! CPRI is a Game-Changer - Are You Prepared? CPRI TM from JDSU is part of the new distributed cell site architec- ture that offers many advantages to mobile service providers. It also requires smart changes to test strategy, methods and tools. Failure to modernize test equipment and methods can increase the time, cost and complexity of cell site installation, troubleshooting and maintenance activities. In fact, crews that fail to adapt, attempting to rely solely on legacy tools that make RF measurements through the coaxial cable, may even find themselves climbing the tower more often. That's because modern distrib- uted cell sites lack the ground-level coax connection point on which RF technicians have traditionally relied to perform spectrum and signal analysis. Unlike conventional cell sites, modern distributed cell sites that involve fiber cabling and CPRI may only provide a coaxial access point at the RE (radio equipment) mounted on top of the tower. Recognizing this emerging challenge, JDSU has developed RFoCPRITM technology for its new CellAdvisor JD785B and JD745B base station analyzers. And just in time too: current JDSU customers are reporting an increase in trouble tickets due to elevated uplink noise floor alarms. With JDSU RFoCPRI technology, RF technicians can now verify the CPRI control signals and extract the RF (IQ) data transmitted between the REC and RE, permit- ting the monitoring and analysis of mobile terminal (uplink) interference and the radio signal (downlink) safely from the REC fiber interface on the ground. While it is clearly advanta- geous to minimize the number of tower climbs, they can never be totally eliminated. That's why JDSU CellAdvisor analyzers equipped with RFoCPRI technology can also be configured to perform all necessary cell site measurements including co- axial reflection, fiber inspection and test, PIM detection and modulation quality. Now technicians can con- veniently carry a single instrument to job sites, thereby reducing costs, saving time and improving safety. Visit www.tessco.com/go/jdsu. TESSCO No. 575724 Base Station Analyzer,100 kHz to 4 GHz, includes Spectrum Analysis, Power Meter, Cable and Antenna Testing List: $13,450.00 PCTEL RF Solutions www.tessco.com/go/pctel PCTEL RF Solutions delivers performance-critical telecom solutions. The company develops and provides test equipment, software and engineering services for wireless networks. Engineers rely upon PCTEL to benchmark, visualize and optimize wireless networks. PCTEL's performance critical products include SeeGull scanning receivers and the CW Transmitter, SeeHawk and SeeHawk Touch analytic software, and the SeeWave interference locating system. PCTEL is recognized globally for leading-edge IBflex and MX scanning receivers and its sophisticated, in-building network engineering services. SAF SAF Tehnika is among the world's top microwave, carrier-class, point-to-point data transmission equipment and measurement tool manufacturers and distrib- utors. The company's products cover all relevant market segments in more than 130 countries worldwide. Among SAF's latest products is the world's first hand-held spectrum analyzer and signal generator. New TESSCO Test Equipment Partners Spectrum Analyzer Designed for Top Performance in the Field Spectrum Compact is a light, easy- to-use measurement solution for the 2 to 40 GHz- licensed microwave frequency bands. Designed specifi- cally for comfortable outdoor use in a variety of challenging environ- ments, this battery-powered device has been developed for microwave radio engineers performing equip- ment installation, link troubleshoot- ing and site maintenance or gather- ing data for site planning purposes. One of the most prominent features of the SAF Spectrum Compact is its pocket-sized form factor. The dimen- sions of the device make it one of the smallest and lightest spectrum analyzers currently available. Instead of focusing on features that would only be useful in a laboratory environment, this device provides the qualities and function- ality frequently requested by micro- wave field engineers to efficiently perform their daily tasks - radio parameter verification, antenna alignment, interference and multi- path detection, power in band mea- surements and link troubleshooting - while saving the spectrum curves for reports and further analysis. The unit offers a resistive touch screen for ease of use in the field, while still allowing the engineer to wear gloves to manipulate the device. Spectrum Compact's high sensitivity (-105 dBm) and low noise floor en- ables field engineers to detect even exceptionally weak signals. The de- vice has the capability to perform a multitude of tasks from the ground level and troubleshoot links without interrupting site traffic. A standard kit includes the spectrum analyzer, an RF cable and a waveguide adapter. The wave- guide adapter can be used as a low-gain antenna. Just by pointing it towards the transmitting radio, the Spectrum Compact will detect and visualize the incoming signal. The instrument is compatible with any manufacturer's antenna, and SAF also provides a set of hand- held horn antennas for use with Spectrum Compact as an additional interference detection accessory in case a parabolic antenna is not available on site. Visit www.tessco.com/go/saf. SeeGull CW Transmitter Proves An Efficient, Portable Test Tool Deployments of in-building net- works with complex propagation environments and multiple tech- nologies and bands create unique challenges for operators. Without proper tools for continuous wave (CW) testing, it is difficult to identify accurate propagation characteristics or collect empirical data to validate preliminary network design. Lack of accurate data from CW testing can lead to poorly positioned antennas. Antennas with improper location or tilt often result in excessive overlap in coverage and undesirable, soft hand-off conditions. This can significantly reduce throughput and quality of service and adversely impact customer experience. The SeeGull CW Transmitter emits up to four simultaneous continuous wave signals, with a fre- quency range of 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz. This replicates a live network environment for RF propagation testing. The data can be collected through a PCTEL scanning receiver and processed using SeeHawk or third party post- processing tools. Results are used to validate or modify design with optimal antenna locations and cov- erage capability for each segment of an in-building cellular network. Efficient and portable test tools help mobile operators reduce de- ployment costs and new services time to market. This maximizes customer satisfaction and long-term network revenue potential. Visit www.tessco.com/go/pctel. TESSCO No. 512690 SeeGull CW Transmitter 2-Port Handheld Unit List: $4,400.00 SeeGull CW Transmitter NEW!

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