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MOBILE TWO WAY COMMUNICATIONS HOW YOU CAN HELP Would you like to help complete the project? Donations of money or equipment can be made directly to Mountain Wave Emergency Communications, Inc. at www.mwave.org. Contact Day Wireless (www.daywireless.com) directly for a list of equipment needed to complete the vehicle. CURRENT FLAGSHIP MOBILE EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS IN-VEHICLE COMMAND CENTER Day Wireless Systems took on a big challenge to help Mountain Wave Emergency Communications Search and Rescue (EC-SAR) enhance its communication efforts in the Oregon wilderness. Day Wireless Systems, based in Milwaukie, Oregon, is one of the largest, full-service wireless integrators in the West. With numerous sites throughout Oregon, Washington and California, the company has a great deal of experience in building effective wireless communications systems. Mountain Wave EC-SAR, located in Clackamas County, Oregon, is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides emergency mobile communications for search and rescue operations, mainly in small towns and rural Oregon, and wilderness areas throughout the state. Mountain Wave EC-SAR's challenge is that wilderness terrain often obstructs radio communications, and many rescue situations occur beyond the reach of cellular telephones and modern public safety systems. In addition, SAR communications are almost always hampered by incompatible radio equipment and frequencies. Moreover, large search operations can cover wide geographic areas. In Mountain Wave EC-SAR's case, a search operation often covers multiple counties and the Mt. Hood region in Oregon and can involve as many as 28 different agencies and organizations in the SAR response. Mountain Wave EC-SAR's role is to deploy people and equipment to overcome geographical challenges and to link together all responding organizations, regardless of their standard radio equipment. Its primary mission is to provide communications, 4X4 and back-up medical support for search and rescue operations ranging from tactical communications in technical rescue situations involving a small number of rescuers to large-scale systems for multi-day search operations over large regions with hundreds of people. Its secondary mission is to provide communications and medical coverage for natural disasters and other emergencies. Since 2010, Mountain Wave EC-SAR has been requested to assist in 532 missions. Given the growing demand for its capabilities, Mountain Wave EC-SAR needed to expand its emergency communications fleet. Day Wireless Systems stepped in with the solution. Day Wireless is in the process of outfitting a second communications command vehicle for Mountain Wave EC-SAR. Day Wireless is converting an ambulance donated by the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue to a second command vehicle for Mountain Wave EC-SAR. When fully outfitted, the new vehicle will have the same capabilities as Mountain Wave EC-SAR's flagship mobile emergency communi- cations vehicle, Com 4. Day Wireless is installing everything from two-way radios, mast antennas and computers and monitors, to networking equipment, cameras and a back-up power generator. The conversion effort has taken months of volunteer labor and considerable financial support. Day Wireless, together with its vendor partners and the community, is hoping to complete the state-of- the-art vehicle by this fall. When completed, Day Wireless estimates that the total investment will be over $180,000 in communications equipment, tools and outdoor equipment loaded into the vehicle, making it one of the most advanced mobile emergency communications vehicles in the country. Mobile Communications Enhance Search and Rescue Operations in Oregon Wilderness Submitted by Day Wireless Systems, Inc. Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 2 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. October / November 2014

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