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FEATURED SOLUTION www.tessco.com/go/twj 13 October / November 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) boost and enhance cellular signals, increasing service availability for cellular users and valuable capacity offloading for carriers. Both passive and active DAS solutions are driving business for traditional networking VARs and integrators and are creating entirely new opportunities for newcomers. With strong demand and tangible skill set requirements for installers, DAS and signal boosters are very attractive. Yet even seasoned players find stepping into DAS a challenge. Deployments feel like traditional LAN WAN communications projects and to some degree they are. But don't be fooled; there are significant differences. What does it take to be successful? What do you need to know to deliver a turnkey cellular enhancing solution? Start with understanding three key variables, and turn to TESSCO for project support. Environments: Residential to Stadiums - Each location has specific requirements that will affect the design, installation, program management and logistics of your project. A thorough site analysis is a must. You need to map cellular signal levels, assess interference levels and sources, identify building materials and dead zones, and locate equipment closets and headend locations. TESSCO offers design services and proposal-ready BOM. Design, Documentation, Logistics - From RF propagation to power distribution, the ability to design and document a project proposal is key to not only winning the job but successfully completing the project. Materials procurement will be handled more successfully with an experienced logistics partner. Pre-assembly and staging of materials is often an afterthought or, worse yet, a missed opportunity for efficiency and cost savings. Planning ahead can uncover pitfalls as well as higher margins. Solving tough DAS project logistic challenges is a TESSCO core value. What's your challenge? Carrier Coordination and FCC Regulations - DAS projects require coordination with carriers. This includes registering the network and executing retransmission agreements with the carrier, obtaining the necessary equipment and design approvals, scheduling installation of carrier equipment, establishing headend or BTS configurations, and coordinating radio commissioning and system turn up. TESSCO has a successful history with carriers and the FCC. We can help you navigate carrier requirements and FCC regulations. Visit www.tessco.com to learn more. ENHANCED CELLULAR COVERAGE AND CAPACITY SMARTS TO PARTS TESSCO HAS YOU COVERED DAS/Signal Boosters Simplify the Challenge Strong cellular signals are critical to our way of life. We demand that our mobile devices work anywhere, anytime - TESSCO simplifies the challenge of Enhancing Cellular Coverage and Capacity. TESSCO is your source for system design, technical support, product configuration and delivery. How can we help?

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