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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 6 FLEXWELL Elliptical Waveguide Wi-Fi IP Camera Ensure High-Performance Network Backhaul With Reliable, Microwave Antenna Systems RFS' high quality, reliable microwave products include four types of antennas designed for specific network applications. We offer compact antennas optimized for integrated applications, large antennas for long distances and high-capacity applications, dual-polarized antennas that deliver ultra-high performance, and the highest XPD and harsh area antennas that withstand extreme environmental conditions. Simplified installation and deployment procedures, low maintenance and long-term reliability minimize post-purchase costs. Flexible for future upgrades, RFS' high-quality antennas are a wise investment to ensure optimal network perfor- mance and control total cost of ownership. Inferior, cheap antennas can seriously compromise performance and incur higher costs over time. For more information, read the whitepaper, found at www.tessco.com/go/rfs. With low attenuation and high power handling, RFS' FLEXWELL Elliptical Waveguides have helical corrugations for bending and winding on reels. Continuous seam welded corrugated transmission lines provide high transverse stability, flexibility and crush strength for superior handling and forming. Used in thousands of installations worldwide, FLEXWELL is the highest quality, best performing, and most reliable elliptical waveguide in the industry. RFS' high-quality futureproof antenna systems, paired with its industry- leading elliptical waveguides, enable operators to ensure reliable and cost-effective network performance. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rfs. Ultra-Wideband Microwave Antenna, 6 ft., 5.725-7.125 GHz TESSCO No. 529999 List: $5,003.02 Elliptical Waveguide, Standard Performance, 5.9-7.125 GHz TESSCO No. 36462 List: $20/ft New Line of Wireless Products Provides Convenience & Flexibility When installing surveillance equipment, pulling wire at a brand new site is likely the most labor-intensive, costly component of the job. When it comes to video surveillance, wireless provides flexibility and convenience, with hardwiring as the best option. As IP cameras became more mainstream in the surveillance market, installing Ethernet cables in these applications became common. With improvements in broadband as well as advancements in Wi-Fi tech- nologies, wireless video surveillance is now mainstream. Speco Technologies ' new line of wireless products is designed to provide convenience and flexibility in installations for commercial and residential applications. The AP300M is a point to point wireless access point, and works in pairs, with one unit set up as a transmitter on the camera side and one unit set up as a receiver on the NVR side. Set up is done through DIP switches on the unit, eliminating the need for setup with a PC. The AP300M can handle the bandwidth of up to six full HD 1080p IP camer- as, at a distance of up to 7,000 ft. line of sight. The WIFIMOD provides power and Wi-Fi compatibility to Speco IP cameras. The APRPT provides the Wi-Fi signal to WIFIMOD, connecting to the private network port on Speco's NVRs, allowing clear video without affecting band- width of the LAN. For residential applications, Speco has released two cameras perfect for residential monitoring. The O2C1 provides 1080p video and comes with a magnetic base and IR LEDs for viewing at night. The O2CP2 also provides 1080p video and is equipped with motorized pan and tilt capability, allowing remote control through the Speco Connect mobile app, free for download. Flexible recording options include SecureGuard VMS, Speco NVRs, and mi- cro SD card recording. Visit www.tessco.com/go/speco. Wi-Fi IP Camera, 1080 P, H. 265 TESSCO No. 595800 List: $423.57 Outdoor PTP AP, 5.85 GHz TESSCO No. 549200 List: $200.24 IP Camera Wi-Fi Adapter TESSCO No. 585800 List: $273.09 Be Prepared With Portable Solar Charging Kits Whether you need to charge your 12V batteries during field emergencies or to get extended remote run-times for your equipment, always have the Samlex MSK Portable Solar Charging Kit at your ready. Available in 90 and 135 Watt models, these MSK kits include a built-in, three-stage 10 Amp charge controller to protect batteries and prevent overcharging. Kits fold easily and compact in protective carry case for transport and storage and come with pre-wired battery clamps on a 16 ft. cable. Visit www.tessco.com/go/samlex. Portable Solar Kit, 90W TESSCO No. 581008 List: $459.80 Portable Solar Kit mWAVE Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom and standard microwave antennas for use in commercial and government applications from scientific and academic to defense. mWAVE's 2015 acquisition of Gabriel and Mark Grid Antenna Lines gives the company one of the industry's largest portfolios of products covering parabolic grids, solid parabolic antennas, and feeds. They also offer a full range of micro-strip arrays, horns, helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas, and waveguide arrays, and they maintain a fully equipped antenna test range where they verify every new design. mWAVE Industries NEW TESSCO PARTNER WELCOME www.tessco.com/manufacturers/mwave

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