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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 17 The Customer Green Mountain Power generates clean, cost-effective, reliable power in Vermont and delivers integrated energy services that help people use less energy and save money. GMP was the first utility in the world to earn a B Corp Certification for their responsible business practices. The Challenge Green Mountain Power has district offices across the state, employing more than 500 people. Cellular service in their area is provided by two national carriers. Employees and contractors require constant connectivity via the cellular network when travelling between the 16 district offices locations. Critical system alerts are emailed to employee devices and a lack of connectivity hindered delivery of these notifications. Green Mountain Power's expanding mobile device users and bandwidth demands made it crucial to have a reliable corporate network connectivity option to supplement the existing Wi-Fi system. Additionally, their structures were mostly heavy concrete which blocked external signals and left employees relying on Wi-Fi while indoors. This limitation put their access at risk during storms or other interruptions, creating the need for full cellular coverage in all of their buildings. The Solution TESSCO began working with Green Mountain Power in 2014. After an assessment of Green Mountain's needs and their existing ecosystem, TESSCO's Solutions Architects provided a design solution utilizing the CommScope Node A System , which met the needs of Green Mountain's initial build. Green Mountain Power was able to have their new network up and running in under a month by partnering with TESSCO and acquired training for their new system via TESSCO as well. Within a week of completion of the first build, Green Mountain was already working with TESSCO's sales team, Solutions Architect, and Design Engineers on their next site. The success of the first deployment led to Green Mountain Power's management team deciding every office needed to have enhanced cellular connectivity and cover- age. Over the two years that followed, TESSCO completed 16 passive DAS designs for Green Mountain Power utilizing the CommScope Node A product. Currently, Green Mountain is making plans to partner with TESSCO on system design and product selection for enhancing cellular coverage at their 200 substation locations and other remote sites where they expect similar success. " I've been working at GMP 16 years and have worked with TESSCO the whole time. It's the the good customer service; I can call my rep, get answers, and get my materials quickly. TESSCO always has a solution to help our employees and better serve our customers. It makes a good working relationship which is why I recommend TESSCO." - Jeff Ploof , Green Mountain Power Network Administrator (continued on page 19) What Green Mountain Says About TESSCO TESSCO and Green Mountain Power Deploy Network Upgrades

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