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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 14 tesscotalk.com iPhone 7 Launch - New Features & Fashion Focused Accessories Liz Robinson sits down with mobile device experts Mikeisha Abrams & Courtney Albro, to discuss iPhone 7's specs, accessory trends and selling points. podcast Plug-N Jack High Performance in a Smaller Package: 4.3/10 Adapters As the wireless industry moves forward it demands smaller connections on denser panels with higher performance. The newest solution to this problem is the 4.3-10 series from Amphenol RF . This new connection offers the same robust design as 7/16 connectors at a significantly smaller size and are up to 40 percent lighter, allowing for greater panel density and lighter weight applications. This series offers excellent VSWR performance across a range of frequencies up to 6GHz, even supporting frequencies that have not yet been released, to ensure hardware compatibility even as technicians add spectrum. Amphenol RF offers a full line of 4.3-10 series products including a range of in-series and between series 4.3/10 adapters. These adapters offer the same durable, highly conductive, corrosion resistant silver plated contacts and white bronze plated bodies as standard 4.3-10 connectors. In-series adapters are offered in straight, right angle, and bulkhead configurations to meet the needs of any system. Between series adapters are available in a variety of styles connecting to 7/16, N-Type, and SMA to 4.3-10. These adapters are the perfect solution for adapting a current system to the new 4.3-10 standard or for bridging connections through a panel. Visit www.tessco.com/go/amphenolrf. 4.3/10 Plug-N Jack TESSCO No. 584949 List: $45.03 4.3/10 Plug-N Plug TESSCO No. 594949 List: $45.03 4.3/10Plug-4.3/10 RA Jack TESSCO No. 550050 List: $51.66 4.3/10Jack-4.3/10 BH Jack TESSCO No. 594950 List: $47.69 New High Power 48-Volt Inverter Provides Seamless Backup Power Newmar introduces a 3000 watt power inverter that utilizes the site's 48V DC battery system and provides seamless 120 VAC pure sine wave backup power for critical loads. A fast-acting transfer switch ensures voice and data transmitters remain on when AC fails. Rated at 3000 watts, this high power unit can serve as AC backup power to multiple loads. The front panel digital display provides precise opera- tional data and alarm condition indicators. Remote monitoring is pro- vided by form C contacts and RS-232 interface. Built in a compact 2RU case for 19 rack installations, with 4 rear panel plug-in AC receptacles. Visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar. Rack Mount Inverter, DC-AC 3 kVA/3000 Watts TESSCO No. 586567 List: $4,500.00 Rack Mount Inverter

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