Tessco Wireless Journal November December 2016 Page 13 TESSCO Wireless Journal November-December 2016

wirelessjournal.tessco.com 13 toll-free 800.472.7373 website www.tessco.com/go/pctel SkyCompass Trooper Multi-Band, Multi-Lead Antennas are LTE and FirstNet Ready Provides Public Safety, Cellular, LTE and Wi-Fi coverage Compatible with numerous radios including CalAmp, Sierra and Motorola Supports voice, data and video communication High-rejection GPS L1 plus GLONASS provides highest level of location accuracy Designed to fit between the roof ribs of popular public safety vehicles Provides optimal performance; rigorously tested PCTEL'S SKYCOMPASS TROOPER ANTENNA PROVIDES OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE WHEN THE MISSION IS CRITICAL GPSDLTEMIMO-LTB Visit tessco.com for details on PCTEL's SkyCompass Trooper: GPSDLTEMIMO-LTB Antenna SKU# 595450 Power Line Monitoring Antennas Reduce Energy Waste PCTEL's power line monitoring antenna was designed specifically to communicate with wireless power line sensors and fault indicator devices typically deployed on power lines. Utilities use data collected from these sensors to more precisely cal- ibrate power production to the variable needs of the grid, substantially reducing energy waste. The power line monitoring antenna makes these sensor systems eas- ier to install while improving the range and reliability of data transmissions. PCTEL's innovative design for the power line monitoring antenna meets stringent performance, form factor, and installation requirements. The antenna's RF perfor- mance, including circular polarization, pat- tern coverage, and gain levels, is optimized for the typical deployment in the electric utility network. Its low-profile over-molded patch antenna design is ideal for pad mount and enclosure installations where low visual impact is necessary to discour- age tampering or vandalism. For mounting, it incorporates an integrated bulkhead type N female connector and a high bond tape mount that secures the antenna to a mounting surface with a watertight seal. www.tessco.com/go/pctel Power Line Monitoring Antenna, 902-928 MHz TESSCO No. 593384 List: $102.00 The power line monitoring antenna makes sensor systems easier to install while improving the range and reliability of data transmissions. " Reduce Energy Waste With PCTEL https://www.tessco.com/knowledge-center/webinars/tessco-webinars On Demand Webinar

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