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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 10 Network Test & Verification Solutions Streamline deployment, maintenance, and optimization Improve workflow and resolve issues faster Viavi provides the network intelligence you need to efficiently deploy, maintain, and optimize your evolving network. We work with you throughout the entire lifecycle to understand your needs and deliver high-value, easy-to-use solutions and products that will streamline your operations and increase workforce utilization. Learn more about our approach at www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions . Viavi Solutions formerly Key to Connectivity With 100GE Client Interfaces Network backbones have been evolving to 100G and even beyond over the past few years. This implies the need to connect between devices such as routers, switches, and transport equipment using 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The fundamental change currently underway is the evolution of 100GE from a primarily backbone interface to a metro and even network edge type interface. This is due in large part to the adaption of 100GE by enterprise customers includ- ing data centers. This increase in port volume drives the need for cost reduction which directly relates to distance requirements for client interfaces. As a result, we are seeing a proliferation of 100GE client interface types in order to closely match connectivity requirements. From a telecom standpoint, the LR4 interface is the most mature and most commonly available interface; the up to 10 km reach meets most applications. The costs for associated optics have steadily been going down; however, there are additional possibilities especially for short- er connections. The nomenclature for interface names starting with '100GBASE' reflects an IEEE-based standard, this is supplemented by additional interface types originating from industry groups called MSA (Multi-Source Agreements). The ER4 interface uses the same wave- lengths as LR4 but for up to 40km. There exists a variant called ER4-lite for about half the distance. Viavi offers two platforms for 100GE/OTU4 and below testing called the CSAM which operates on T-BERD 6000Av2 or 8000v2 and the T-BERD 5800-100G. CSAM provides 10M to 112G testing in one unit which supports CFP2 and CFP4/QSFP28 via adapters. The 5800-100G is a recent addition to the portfolio for 1.5M through 112G testing with the possibility of dual port testing in a very small package . Visit www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions. Single Port 5800v2 1GE/1GE Package TESSCO No. 551317 List: $13,495.00 Single Port Package Announcing Lower Prices on Supplies & Tools www.tessco.com/products/tools-supplies-and-safety Skip the pre-project trip to the hardware store and get your tools, along with the rest of your order, at competitive prices, from your trusted source for complete solutions. TESSCO has you covered down to the smallest detail.

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