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MAY JUNE 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 8 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS toll-free 800.472.7373 website www.tessco.com/go/pctel toll-free 800.472.7373 website www.tessco.com/go/pctel VenU TM MIMO 4G LTE Multiband Antennas Offer a Wide Range of Coverage High capacity coverage - ideal for heavy data traffic areas PIM rated: -153 dBc @ 2x43 dBm (20W) carriers Covers both the 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz LTE frequency ranges Indoor and Outdoor rated Ideal for DAS, Small Cell and Industrial wireless applications Visit tessco.com for details on PCTEL's PLTE7027S-I Antenna SKU# 557473 PCTEL'S VENU ANTENNA PORTFOLIO IMPROVES WIRELESS CAPACITY AT STADIUMS, TERMINALS, AND CAMPUSES PLTE7027S-I 140543 r3 PCTEL_Ad_Tessco_6x8_PLTE7027.indd 1 3/30/16 1:06 PM Fortify Your 4G LTE DAS System: Make Antenna Selection a Top Priority According to industry statistics, the share of network traffic from voice to data has grown to 98 percent in the last two years. This shift has been fueled by the increased use of data and video driven wireless personal devices, both at home and at the work place. In order to remain competitive and compliant with new market demands, carriers are upgrading their networks with 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) standards that provide faster data rates and improved bandwidth capacity across multiple frequencies. However, in public venues, DAS operators must remain host neutral to maintain quality levels and sup- port multiple carriers. These carriers utilize high power RF signals to strengthen their own 4G LTE net- works, potentially interfering with their competitors' signals. To address this issue, network designers strive to prevent Passive Intermodulation (PIM) distortions that cause unde- sired noise that impairs RF connec- tion quality. To address PIM and improve con- nectivity of 4G LTE DAS networks, low PIM components are required. DAS antennas must now cover multiple frequencies with consis- tent signal strength and optimal noise suppression, regardless of the carrier network. Their design must also meet more complex RF efficiency and radiation pattern shape specifications, in rugged, unobtrusive housings, suitable for operation in-building and outdoors. Ultimately, the ability of a DAS net- work to provide performance critical communications is as reliable as the quality of its key components. Low PIM antenna selection must be a top priority in the early planning stages of a 4G LTE DAS network. Visit www.tessco.com/go/pctel. TESSCO No. 557473 Directional Panel Antenna, 4G LTE MIMO List: $295.89 Since 1995 Vocality has created products that unify communications platforms, enhance voice quality, increase video performance, and improve data through- put to provide the most efficient ways to communicate, regardless of technology, infrastructure, or geography. New TESSCO Infrastructure Partner Vocality www.tessco.com/go/vocality Cisco Live 2016 July 10-14, 2016 Las Vegas, NV RSSI C&S Exhibition 2016 June 28-30, 2016 Grapevine, TX U P C O M I N G T R A D E S H O W S Lxxx.x xx/xx LARSEN P/N FREQUENCY Connector Supports PSUTWCNF (SKU - ) 380-570/698-960 MHz N-FEMALE UHF; Public Safety repeater systems and networks. Please visit www.TESSCO.com/go/larsen for more information. The Clarity Pearl In-Building Public Safety antenna covers the public safety bands with an aesthetically pleasing design that meets International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes for public safety in- building communication. The ultra-thin, white UV stabilized radome offers a low profile in-building public safety antenna for Public Safety repeater systems, and networks including T-Band and Tetra coverage. This antenna is ideal for challenging building types and environments. TESSCO No. 591320

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