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MAY JUNE 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS 4.3-10 Field- Installable Connectors Support Future- Proof Multi- Band Antenna Deployments Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) now offers its innovative 4.3-10-compatible connectors as a standalone product. The compact RF connectors are an ideal match to RFS's industry-leading foam dielectric coaxial cables. Featuring optimized power handling, they simplify installation in the field to support operators' deployment of LTE, 5G and small cell networks. As a progression of RFS's popular ultra-low PIM OMNI FIT connector family, the 4.3-10 connectors similarly provide superior performance under all environmental conditions and fea- ture a five-point watertight interface that eliminates the need for additional sealing. The new connectors sup- port up to 500 watts at 2 GHz and guarantee a stable, premium VSWR, plus outstanding and consistent PIM performance. The " connectors are available for RFS plenum-rated (ICA), superflexible (SCF) and standard (LCF) coaxial transmission lines. No minimum coupling torque is required, so installation can be completed quickly using the same tools used for RFS's standard cables and connec- tors, so there's no learning curve. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rfs. NEW! Enterprise Privacy & Personal Security In Today's World tesscotalk.com Learn More from this Silent Circle Podcast: Bill Moten and Steve Tomey discuss Enterprise Privacy & Personal Security in Today's World with Silent Circle's Chief Security Officer, along with how Silent Circle ensures that data is encrypted. Test Equipment TESSCO has your testing needs covered from fiber and RF to PIM. We have a broad product offering, expert technical support, and financing options. We make it easy to select, purchase, and support the testing side of your business. www.tessco.com/go/test

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