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MAY JUNE 2016 5 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. TELEWAVE, INC. RADIO SYSTEM SOLUTIONS MADE IN USA Rugged, high-quality radio system equipment - available now! Rugged, high-quality radio system equipment - available now! www.tessco.com/go/telewave Model 44AP RF Wattmeter 20-1000 MHz, 5-500 watts No slugs or inserts TWR16-450-1R Compact RX Multicoupler 400-512 MHz, 0-15 dB gain, N or BNC connectors Expandable up to 32 channels 1.75" x 19" - Rack mount ANT450F10 High Gain Collinear 430-475 MHz, 10 dBd, 500 watts Clamps included Optical PIM Tester Approved for Use in Verizon Network CommScope's Optical PIM Tester was recently approved by Verizon for use by 'Tower Crews and General Contractors' under Network Advisory ME-RFS-AD-16-0000. Modern wireless networks-LTE and beyond-are particularly vulner- able to the performance-sapping effects of passive intermodulation (PIM). Finding PIM sources has traditionally required complicated, costly, time-consuming testing procedures, but now CommScope offers a smart new way to keep PIM in check. CommScope's Optical PIM Tester identifies PIM sources with- out expensive, risky tower climbs. It enables active PIM testing by connecting optically to the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) at the base of the tower, injecting signals into the base station downlink path and searching for components with PIM issues in the uplink path. It's quick, intuitive, and cost-effective. The Optical PIM Tester supports all frequency bands and enables simul- taneous access to multiple RRH's on multiple sectors and frequency bands in a single unit. It puts afford- able, portable PIM testing into the hands of virtually every technician. Start testing for PIM the smart way. Key Features and Benefits of the Optical PIM Tester Two-tone Active PIM testing via CPRI (6 SFP interfaces: 3-in, 3-out) Test from tower base with no disassembly of coax Automatic discovery of CPRI parameters Automatic determination if PIM source is likely internal or external to antenna system All base station frequency bands in a single unit Test for PIM between bands (cross-band) Simultaneously test multiple sectors and frequencies Channel Spectrum Analyzer feature User-friendly interface accessible via Wi-Fi from smartphone, tablet, or notebook computer Battery powered and self- contained with rugged carry case Visit www.tessco.com/go/commscope. TESSCO No. 553932 Optical PIM Tester, Battery-Powered, Self-Contained With Rugged Carry Case List: $15,000.00 Optical PIM Tester Small Cell Solutions: Cost-Effective Capacity for Urban Hotspots The data demands of your custom- ers continue to increase, yet zoning restrictions and site acquisition costs have made traditional macro cell deployment challenging in dense, urban environments. Kathrein small cell antenna solutions, a key component of any HetNet architecture, enable mobile service providers to deliver cost-ef- fective capacity, while enhancing the quality of experience for end users. Users enjoy more reliable data con- nections and higher data throughput for all connected devices. Canister Antennas-Big Power in a Small Package Kathrein Canister Antennas are the solution for outdoor DAS or small cell deployments and can be mounted easily on lamp posts, power poles or even the side of buildings. Kathrein's Small Cell site solu- tions optimize network performance and accelerate deployments. Encompassing RF delivery, equip- ment housing, and concealment, Kathrein Canisters improve the per- formance of the RF air link, expedite construction and enable faster zon- ing approvals, decreasing CapEx and OpEx and improving time to revenue. Visit www.tessco.com/go/kathrein. TESSCO No. 543792 Dual Band Omnidirectional Antenna, 698-894/1710-2170 MHz List: $3,400.00 TESSCO No. 513787 Dual Band Tri-Sector Antenna With GPS, 698-894/1710-2170 MHz List: $3,900.00 Dual Band Antenna one Save the Date April 4-5 tessco-one.com

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