Tessco Wireless Journal March April 2017 Page 9 TESSCO Wireless Journal March/April 2017

wirelessjournal.tessco.com 9 After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network Powers Cameras and Access Points through Daylight Hours; Recharges with AC Power at Night Ventev's new Multi-Port Power Extender , designed for intermittently- powered light poles, enables continuous operation of surveillance cameras and access points or other PoE+ devices. Allows the use of any light pole located in the coverage area for optimal network design! Product Features and Benefits: n Designed for light poles that are controlled by timers or photocells that interrupt the availability of AC power to conserve energy n Provides POE+ power to devices up to 18 hours during daylight hours and recharges batteries within 6 hours at night when AC power is available n Outdoor pole-mounted NEMA 4X enclosure contains a battery bank and charging system that extends PoE power to all active equipment n Uses a transformerless design and can accommodate site AC power of 120, 277 or 480VAC. NEW! OUTDOOR WI-FI POWER SOLUTIONS For more information visit: Ventev.com/Infra Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com TESSCO No. 586690 CALL TODAY FOR DEMO: 800-851-4965 Multi-Port Power Extender for Intermittently-Powered Light Poles CALL TODAY FOR DEMO: 800.851.4965

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