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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 6 5800-100G TELEWAVE, INC. www.tessco.com/go/telewave Public Safety and business trunking operators benefit from these new combiners, designed to handle continuous power and tight channel spacing for MotoTrbo, P25, NexEdge, and IDAS trunking. Traditional low-loss and hybrid designs are available to handle many requirements, and American-made quality ensures rock-solid reliability. MADE IN USA Publi oper com co h cha P25, N TELEWAVE VHF COMBINERS FOR CONTINUOUS DUTY MEET THE DEMAND FOR MISSION-CRITICAL PERFORMANCE. FULL TIME, FULL POWER. How to Connect to a Network With 100GE Most network backbones are currently based on 100Gbps transmission with some metro backbones even using 200Gbps. Connectivity between devices such as routers, switches, and transport equipment commonly requires the use of 100 Gigabit Ethernet client ports. As 100GigE deployments started around 2012, pluggable client optics were very expensive largely because of technological complexity. In fact, client ports at 100GigE do require multiple lanes/lasers and photodetectors as this has proven to be the most efficient way to standardize local client connectivity. The path to lower costs lies largely in higher volumes, and in using the right type of optics based on distance requirements. Basically, shorter distances allow for lower cost pluggable optics. As a result, there has recently been a proliferation of 100GigE client interface types to closely match connectivity requirements. From a telecom standpoint, LR4 (100GBASE-LR4) is by far the most mature and commonly available interface; the up to 10 km reach meets most applica- tions. The costs for associated optics which now typically use the QSFP28 form factor have steadily been decreasing; however, there are additional possibilities especially for shorter connections driven largely by data center requirements. Viavi's brand new product, the 5800-100G, provides all-in-one testing including dual-port connectivity at 100GE/OTU4. Technicians can test a mul- titude of applications covering metro, backbone, and datacenter interconnec- tivity. Despite its very small size, the 5800-100G can test from DS1 to OTU4 including CPRI, Fiber Channel, PDH, SONET/SDH, OTN, and Ethernet. Further, the 5800 platform provides expandability to support OTDR modules, fiber inspection with auto-focus, and advanced timing capabilities with the Timing Expansion Module. The 5800-100G is a complete solution to support the needs of the modern field technician. Visit www.tessco.com/go/viavi.solutions Protect Your Investment in Vehicles, Equipment, and People Havis's ChargeGuard is an easy-to-install, auto shut-off timer designed to safeguard expensive communications devices and computers with intelligent circuitry protection. ChargeGuard works by automatically turn- ing mobile equipment on when you start the engine. When you turn the engine off, the equipment stays on for an adjustable period of time and then is automatically disabled. When properly deployed, you can ensure that you'll never have another dead battery, at a very affordable price- cheaper than a single tow. ChargeGuard features easy installation, easy-to-set switches, choice of sensing modules, voltage diagnostic LED, and reverse polarity protection. ChargeGuard delivers higher productivity as it reduces downtimes caused by vehicle service calls. Since equipment is on when you want it, you can leave it unattended without worry. Don't let dead batteries affect your budget. Let Havis protect your investment by helping to keep your vehicle running efficiently with our power management solution. With ChargeGuard Auto Shut-off Timer, equipment is always available, and you never have to remember to turn it on or off. Visit www.tessco.com/go/havis. Negative Ground Ignition Sensing Timer Switch, 12V TESSCO No. 315672 List: $99.00 ChargeGuard Ignition Sensing Timer Switch

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