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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 5 Charles Kriete also recently joined TESSCO, as Senior Vice President, Product Management and Solutions, and will utilize his years of experience in the technology industry to manage vendor partner relationships and develop new product and service solutions. Kriete has more than 16 years of experience in tech, most recently as the Chief Marketing Officer of Kore Wireless Group, a global leader in managed services and connectivity for the Machine to Machine/ Internet of Things market. Prior to his time with Kore, he was Chief Revenue Officer at Wyless, Inc. and led the company's rapid sales growth ahead of its acquisition by Kore Group in 2016. He also founded his own mobile technology supply chain company, OTBT, which he sold to Tech Data Corp. "Charles' experience in the Internet of Things and the mobility market will enable us to create more opportunities with our customers and will enhance TESSCO's value proposition in high-growth markets," CEO Murray Wright said. "He brings proven leadership and success, and we expect his aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit to accelerate our growth as we align behind our sales organization." Kriete is an active board member for the MIT Enterprise Forum and a member of the Advisory Board for Channel Partners Online. He holds a BSc in Physics from Lake Forest College. "I am thrilled to be joining TESSCO, which has established itself as the total source for wireless solutions in the market," Kriete said. "I look forward to leveraging my experience and perspective to drive growth." Both Charles and Pete will be in attendance at TESSCO One in Nashville on April 4-5. Sign up now with promo code TSNMC23 for free entry, a $395 value, and meet them there! REGISTER AT TESSCO-ONE.COM. Additionally, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf spent his keynote speech describing how 5G will change the technological industry. Mollenkopf described how the 5G evolution will create as many as 22 million jobs and $3.5 trillion in revenue by 2035. Those numbers are not even as ambitious as the performance statistics Mollenkopf laid out for 5G: an entire 4K quality movie downloaded in just 18 seconds, 1 GB of data in only 3 seconds, guaranteed connectivity in industries that require extreme safety like transportation. Qualcomm demonstrated this with a live demo of drones programmed to fly a course and rely on almost instantaneous processing and decision making to avoid obstacles. It marked the debut of this kind of technology from Qualcomm in a drone. According to Mollenkopf, the greatest feature of 5G will be its low latency, which will allow many previously impossible operations to become commonplace. Mollenkopf even went so far as to equate 5G with world-changing inventions like electricity or the car that "affect entire economies and benefit entire societies." "5G isn't an incremen- tal improvement in connectivity or a new generation of mobile," he said. "5G will be a new kind of network, supporting a vast diversity of devices with unprecedented scale, speed, and complexity." While full rollouts of 5G networks are likely still years away, carriers and companies are already showing off their progress and the potential they're seeing from early tests, and the capabilities of the network at events like CES. Verizon is conducting field trials of 5G and AT&T recently began testing their own 5G network. The 5G discussion will continue at the TESSCO One Innovation Showcase & Conference in Nashville on April 4-5, with sessions from market leaders and the most innovative products in the wireless industry. " 5G will be a new kind of network, supporting a vast diversity of devices with unprecedented scale, speed, and complexity." Charles Kriete

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