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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 4 The TESSCO leadership team continues to grow, with the recent appointment of two new Senior Vice Presidents who will lead the company towards the next generation of wireless technology. Pete Peterson was named to the position of Senior Vice President, Sales. His responsibilities include leading the customer-focused TESSCO sales team to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in the wireless industry. Peterson brings a diversified set of executive leadership skills and discipline to TESSCO, where he will report directly to CEO Murray Wright. Peterson was previously the VP of Global Channels at Brocade, a leading data and storage networking company. In addition, he held several senior vice president roles in sales, product marketing and business development at Tech Data Corporation, a multi-billion dollar global IT distributor based in Clearwater, FL. "We are extremely pleased to have someone with Pete's track record of success joining TESSCO," CEO Murray Wright said. "We look forward to the fresh perspective and outstanding leadership he will bring to both our sales and our executive teams. We are thrilled to have Pete join the team and look forward to his contributions." "I'm truly excited to be joining the TESSCO team," said Peterson. "From IoT to mobile device accessories to Wi-Fi and backhaul, the opportunity in the wireless industry is enormous, and no other company is positioned to take advantage of that opportunity like TESSCO." Peterson holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting from Tuskegee University and an MBA from Florida State University. Peterson is a board member for several charitable organizations. TESSCO Adds Pair of Experienced Professionals to Leadership Team The next iteration following 4G LTE, 5G promises to provide exceptionally fast, responsive, and widespread services. The greatest potential for 5G lies in the continuing connection of the surrounding world. From connected appliances and systems to self-driving cars, 5G could provide the speed and bandwidth required to eliminate the barriers to the next level of connectivity. For commercial purposes, the potential applications are compelling. For example, better monitoring of remote sites, communication between distant sites, and significant improve- ments in the ability to manage and control projects and machinery remotely from a central location. These improvements enhance safety and efficiency in industries like energy, oil and gas, and transportation. Connected buildings will become more common, with everything from lights and climate control to security systems, phone systems, and more to be intercon- nected and controllable remotely and by voice. At the recent CES show in Las Vegas, 5G was a hot topic. Technology was on display in the home setting as products like Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa have made it a reality already. Commercial, office, and warehouse applications are the next step. 5G Takes Center Stage Pete Peterson

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