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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 19 Time Track Session Title Description 10-10:45 a.m. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Industry Trends & Future Technology Wi-Fi continues to emerge as a critical IT technology, enabling higher performance mobility applications and digital initiatives. The adoption of the 802.11ac standard is in full swing across most markets, and Wi-Fi technology continues to innovate in support of the ever increasing need for bandwidth and expansion of connected things and mobile devices. IOT Internet of Things (IOT) Its Real and Its On! Come join us as TESSCO and an IOT industry leader share the latest market activity. You will hear about real IOT projects and expectations while gaining insight on how you can be a part of the market. Retail The Future of Charging is Measured in Minutes Qualcomm will discuss a future with Qualcomm Quick Charge, Power Delivery and USB-C, what to expect in next-generation devices, and why wired is the next big thing. Demystify the emerging charging technologies and the new USB Standards. 10-11:30 a.m Tools & Maintenance Hands On Workshop Optimize Microwave Backhaul Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Processes With the Latest Test Equipment Aligning microwave antennas and troubleshooting microwave backhaul links can be a difficult and expensive field operation. Participate in hands on demonstrations from industry experts including Keysight, Sunsight, and SAF on the latest tools for optimizing your test procedures to improve your efficiencies and your bottom line. 11:30-12:15 p.m. Wi-Fi The Connected Wi-Fi Enterprise Wi-Fi is enabling new application capabilities and innovative data, video, and voice usage in Indoor Enterprise environments. Learn how Data to the Doctor/Patient, Data to the Student/ Teacher, Location Based Services, and Data Analytics are driving the need for higher performance Wi-Fi infrastructure. IOT Where Does All the IOT Data Come From? The Sensors at the Edge Sensors are the critical link to collecting information needed to make IOT work. Learn about the types of sensors and data that can be used to solve everyday challenges. Retail Connected Home - How it Has Evolved and Why it is Relevant Today to Retailers Connected Home technologies have rapidly evolved over the last few years, becoming less expensive and more relevant to general consumers. Join us as we discuss this evolution with industry leaders and why its more important than ever for retailers to engage in these platforms. 12:15-1:00 p.m. LUNCH 1:00-2:30 p.m. Tools & Maintenance Hands On Workshop Fiber Monitoring Systems & Portable 10G/100G/MPLS Ethernet Testing Workshop Fiber Monitoring solutions that automatically report back any degradation in dark or live fiber are necessary for critical outdoor and indoor fiber runs. Coupled with the reality that networks are evolving to higher data rates, which often include links up to 100G, while implementing MPLS routing, new tool sets are required for the network operator. Learn from Viavi, through discussion and hands-on demonstrations, the proper tool set to support these applications. 1:00-1:45 p.m. Wi-Fi The Connected City & Outdoor Wi-Fi Mobile device users, consumers, and connected IoT devices continue to drive the need for ubiquitous Wi-Fi. Expanding Wi-Fi into outdoor and architecturally challenged environments requires new solutions to both deploy Wi-Fi successfully and ensure that Wi-Fi blends into the environment. IOT The Wireless IOT Connection Getting all the IOT data back to the cloud depends on several factors. Join us to learn what these factors are and the best way to achieve meet their challenges. Retail Invite Only Roundtable - Small/Mid Tier Retailers Training; offer management; expansion into new categories. 2:30 p.m Tools & Maintenance Hands On Workshop Freedom Technologies R8000C & R8100 Users Conference Learn about the latest LMR applications including AutoTune, P25, PTC, NXDN. Hands-on lab time and demonstrations of the R8000C and R8100 will also be provided to show how to most efficiently leverage your investment for years to come. 3:15-4:00 p.m Wi-Fi Backhaul Meets The Edge Learn how wireless backhaul can be leveraged to implement remote Wi-Fi networks. IOT The Future of Border Security Border Security is heavily dependent on Wireless Communications to accomplish their mission. Hear directly from the experts with the US Customs and Border Patrol on their technology needs for the future and the role that IoT will play. Retail Invite Only Roundtable - Large Scale Retailers Driving loyalty within your own customer base; Optimizing store placement; Merchandising/ Planogram strategies. DAY TWO APRIL 5 SESSION AGENDAS REGISTER NOW AT TESSCO-ONE.COM

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