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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 15 Cable & Antenna Analyzer Now Covers All Major Cellular Bands Wireless Communications are constantly shifting, upgrading and evolving each day. While frequencies are expanding, operators and manufacturers must be prepared to accom- modate these changes rapidly. Case in point, the Federal Communications Commission is currently auc- tioning off the 600MHz low band airwaves. These airwaves are being freed by TV broadcasters during the FCC reverse auction process. The freed 600 MHz TV spectrum will instead be utilized by wireless operators to expand and strengthen their 4G LTE networks, as well as for the upcom- ing 5G wireless standard. Low-band spectrum is crucial for wireless operators as the signals can be transmitted over longer distances and through brick-and-mortar walls in cities. Once all of this spectrum is reallocated, the tower work- force will be the ones put to work, equipping towers with new technol- ogy to accommodate the additional spectrum. Kaelus has directly addressed the expansion of the 600MHz band by modifying the iVA-0627A Cable and Antenna Analyzer to ensure that all iVA users will have the ability to test into the 600 MHz spectrum. With the ability to perform a variety measurements including return loss, Distance-to-Fault, Cable Loss, Antenna Isolation, Spectrum Monitoring and Branch Insertion Loss, the iVA can adequately test a wide variety of deployment scenarios. Kaelus's iVA-0627A Cable and Antenna Analyzer now covers all major cellular bands while operating from 560-2750MHz for maximum frequency coverage. Tethered USB or wireless Bluetooth connectivity is standard for the iVA. Software updates are fully automatic for both iOS and Android users, while PC users can download the latest software from the Kaelus Resource Center at www.kaelus.com. Visit www.tessco.com/manufacturers/kaelus. Cable & Antenna Analyzer TESSCO No. 558200 List: $4,195.00 Cable & Antenna Analyzer RF Surge Arrestors Ideal for Rail Applications Positive train control and other smart technologies are transforming how the rail industry operates. All of these systems require reliable communi- cation for seamless and continuous operation, as well as for the guaran- teed safety of trains and travelers. At the heart of any rail-based management system are RF surge arres- tors. These engineered components can protect sensitive equipment against lightning strikes, increasing the reliability and safety of critical radio equipment. PolyPhaser products have been field tested in extreme environments. Consistently, the PolyPhaser surge arrestors provided more reliable long- term protection than competitive products. This makes PolyPhaser the first choice among rail operators and RF designers. Technology Makes the Difference Filtering technology is key to RF surge pro- tection. PolyPhaser's SX series of arrestors incorporate patented lightning surge rated spiral conductors. These spiral inductor are more robust when compared to the simple inductor coils commonly found in compet- itive products. By incorporating spiral conductors engineered for lightning strikes, the result is a high reliable surge technology that provides world leading protection. The careful selection of components and coordinating them during a lightning event, is another key to RF surge arrestors. PolyPhaser's GX series of arrestors, considered the industry standard in GPS and active antenna applications, utilize a hybrid circuit that combines the response time of a diode and the current-handling capabilities of a metal oxide var- sitor and gas tube. This all adds up to fast response times with low energy and voltage let-through. Why PolyPhaser? PolyPhaser RF Surge Arrestors: Passed all tests; performed at full functionality after all strikes Voltage and energy let-through readings also demonstrated significantly better performance and protection levels than competitively tested products. Partnering with TESSCO, PolyPhaser provides the ideal RF surge protection solution for rail applications. Visit www.tessco.com/manufacturers/polyphaser. VHF Combiner Arrestor, N/F to N/F TESSCO No. 433721 List: $105.00 Surge Arrestor, 4.2-6.0 Micro LSXL TESSCO No. 478589 List: $95.00 Coaxial Protector, 698-2700 MHz TESSCO No. 531462 List: $95.00 Surge Arrestor " The freed 600 MHz TV spectrum will instead be utilized by wireless operators to expand and strengthen their 4G LTE networks... "

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