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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 14 Phantom Fin Antenna Enables Multiple On-Board Technologies Today's hi-tech public safety, transportation and fleet in-vehicle environments can best be described as mobile operations centers. Multiple on-board technologies enable two-way voice, mobile data, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G-LTE carrier and FirstNet broadband network access in addition to GPS locationing to help save lives and increase operational efficiency. Operating multiple on-board devices on different frequencies often means multiple dedicated antenna installations to ensure optimum performance. These multiple antenna installations increase materi- al-installation-removal cost, inadequate signal radiation and decrease resale value when vehicles are taken out of service. These challenges are now solved with the Laird Phantom Fin 4-port Multiband Mobile Antenna. This antenna provides 3G/4G-LTE/WiFi/ UHF/GPS capability packaged in one single-hole mount aerodynamic IP67 housing. The Phantom Fin 4-port Multiband single-hole mount antenna reduces installation cost, helps improve vehicle resale value and delivers optimum performance all in one single hole mount aero- dynamic IP67 housing. The Laird Phantom Fin multiband mobile antenna provides excel- lent VSWR and maximum gain enabling superior reception and data throughput. The Phantom Fin is available in multiple connector configurations, comes standard with Laird's five year factory war- ranty and is the ideal solution for public safety, transportation, after market fleet, and LMR applications. Visit www.tessco.com/go/laird. Eliminate Interference in Your Public Safety DAS As Sprint deploys their base stations on the new 800 MHz band at 817-824 UL/862-869 DL, their proximity to public safety towers can cause interference with the existing public safety band at 806-816UL/851-861 DL. Rather than accom- modating Sprint's signal or funding an expensive solution, G Wave's PS8NEPS/N BDA Series and High Q External Duplexer will filter and reject Sprint's cellular interference. The PS8NEPS/N BDA system will set up your new deployments to filter out the interference. For existing deploy- ments, the High Q External Duplexer delivers an easy retro-fit solution. Simply install it between the donor antenna and the BDA and it will keep the public safety system fully operational and clear at minimal cost to the owner. Visit www.tessco.com/manufacturers/g-wave. Coming Soon External Duplexer On-Demand Webinar JET Beamforming Solutions for Enterprise & Mass Residential Topics include new JET AIR/PRO portfolio for the residential and enterprise markets, new AIR/PRO Subscriber Units (SU) with optional snap on antenna, the WINTouch automated installation tool, a case study on delivering high-speed wireless, and a Q&A. www.tessco.com/knowledge-center/webinars/tessco-webinars Powerful Indoor Wireless Coverage. No RF Infrastructure Required. ION -E from CommScope is designed from the ground up to overcome the cost and complexity traditionally associated with DAS deployments. ION-E also makes it easy to get indoor cov- erage up and running, quickly and affordably. Built to make DAS a viable option for all kinds of enterprise environments, it takes the flexibility of traditional DAS to the next level with: Support for the widest possible range of mobile operator services and flexibility to adopt new operators as needed through an agnostic universal access point (UAP) design Simplified design and implementation through an all-digital fronthaul infrastructure Easy setup and ongoing operations through automated hardware detection and drag-and-drop traffic routing Reduced material and installation costs through use of Category 6A or fiber optic cable The ability to share cabling infrastructure with other IP applications such as Wi-Fi and security cameras ION-E is being adopted for use in offices, hospitals and hotels and more. Buildings that previously could not cost-justify DAS are now enjoying 5-bar coverage thanks to ION-E. Visit www.tessco.com/go/commscope. ION -E

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