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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 12 Times-Protect Data Line Surge Protectors Offering an unmatched level of data integrity and over-voltage protection, the LP-DOE-1G, LP-POE-1G and LP-PAE-100 Data Line surge protection devices from Times Microwave Systems are the newest additions to the Times-Protect product family. Proprietary circuitry results in surge let-through voltage on data lines of less than 20V peak at 3kA 8x20uS surge test current and less than 10V peak at 100A 10x1000uS surge test current, while complying with extended RFC2544 test methods for data integrity. These extremely difficult tests are conducted on two protection devices separated by 100 meters of Cat 5e cable over a broad temperature range measuring throughput, latency, packet jitter, frame loss and back-to-back. Visit www.tessco.com/go/times. Surge Protector, 1000 Base-T PowerOver Ethernet TESSCO No. 582661 List: $193.00 Surge Protector, 1000 Base-T Ethernet Data TESSCO No. 582660 List: $152.00 Surge Protector, 100 Base-T Power & Ethernet TESSCO No. 582662 List: $152.00 New Modular Power Series The new ICT Modular Power Series is a flexible, hot-swappable DC power system for high power and redundant N+1 applications including base station infrastructure, fixed wireless broadband, small cell, radio access networks and DAS. The ICT Modular Power Series provides up to 150A of high efficiency power with 48, 24 and 12 volt output available. Available single or dual battery disconnects and four-position load distribution modules provide extreme flexibility for user requirements. The available Intelligent Control Module provides ethernet communications for remote monitoring and control of the system, including the ability to monitor cur- rent on each load output and power-cycle the four 20 amp outputs on the optional Load Distribution Module. When combined with the optional Battery Management Module, the Intelligent Control Module provides advanced battery functions including battery state of charge, tempera- ture compensation, estimated run time remaining, and battery discharge testing, along with advanced low voltage disconnect features. The Intelligent Control Module provides an integrated, intuitive user interface, and SNMP is supported. Alarms can be sent to multiple email accounts. Four site monitoring inputs are available for sensor monitoring and reporting using the onboard interface. A second slaved power shelf can be added, providing up to 5600 watts of power for higher power requirements. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ict. Modular Power System for 48VDC, 1RU Redundant Hot Swap TESSCO No. 588274 List: $1,630.00 Power Module, 48VDC, 700W Output, Hot Swappable, Floating Output TESSCO No. 546726 List: $620.00 *Also available in other configurations. Consult ICT for details. ICT Modular Power Series PST Series of DC-AC Inverters Adds In-Demand PST-600-48 The industry proven PST Series of DC-AC Inverters from Samlex has expanded to include 48V DC input stocking production models, adding to its current lineup of 12V and 24V input models. The in-demand PST-600-48 provides a continuous 600W 120V AC 60Hz pure sine wave output from a 48V DC input source. Based on the reliable commercial grade design of the Samlex PST Series, these inverters are comfortable with heavy duty loads for long periods of con- tinuous operation, whether used for fleet maintenance service vehicles or for emergency backup power applications. Each model is safety certified to stringent UL and CSA standards with EMI/EMC compliant to FCC Part 15(B) Class B and backed by a no hassle 2 year warranty, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safe and reliable AC power. To power larger or multiple AC loads from a 48V DC input, a 1500W model is also available, the PST-1500-48. Experience Samlex... the power you need since 1991. Visit www.tessco.com/go/samlex. 48 VDC to 120 VAC 600 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter TESSCO No. 597658 List: $320.00 PST-600-48 Pure Sine Wave Inverter Easy-To-Use Site Analyzer Makes Testing Simple AEA Technology announced at IWCE 2017 the launch of the new VNA Site Analyzer. The VNA Site Analyzer testing unit includes full vector network and spectrum analyzer, power meter, SWR, return loss and frequency domain reflectometer. The newly developed VNA Site Analyzer was designed and is being manufactured in Carlsbad, California. This unit was built to serve on applications in the wireless, cellular/telecom, land mobile/public safety, aviation, broadcast, semiconductor, military and government markets. The instrument has a frequency range of 100 KHz to 1 GHz. The VNA Site Analyzer is easy to learn to use with our "Testing Made Simple" one button mode selection. This portable, belt friendly unit weighs in at 2.2 lbs., has a sunlight readable color display, a fast recharge time, and can store up to 50 tests. It has a cable null feature, a rugged design, and includes required terminations, USB cable, PC Vision software, and an operator manual and quick start guide. It comes with an optional hard or soft carrying case. Visit www.tessco.com/manufacturers/aea-technology. Coming Soon VNA Site Analyzer

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