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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 11 4.3-10 connectors and adapters See full line of products at www.tessco.com/go/rfi 4.3-10 interface Low PIM Adapters Interconnect Solutions 8 Models of Intra-Series Adapters Adapters 4.3-10 to 7-16 DIN and N 2 Models of Inner-Series Adapters Low PIM "d-160 dBC Durable Non-Tranish Tri-Metal Plating WilsonPro On-Demand Webinar Cell Phone Signal Boosters: A Cost Effective Option for In-Building Wireless Coverage Learn the differences between DAS and cell phone signal boosters and recent changes in retail and in-building public safety codes that are driving large growth in this market. www.tessco.com/knowledge-center/webinars/tessco-webinars Amplify 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage With a Powerful Signal Booster System If you need a powerful connectivity solution for your customers, the WilsonPro 1000 delivers the highest available downlink power available on the market. With an industry-best downlink power of +15 dBm, this professional grade amplifier provides enhanced voice and data coverage-including 4G LTE-inside large commercial buildings where cell signals may not otherwise penetrate. That means no more dropped calls or lost connections, faster download speeds and a reliable signal up to 32x stronger than normal. Ideal for large hospitals, hotels, warehouses and offices, the WilsonPro 1000 amplifies weak cell signals and redistributes them to provide the most reliable voice and data coverage. The WilsonPro 1000 includes state-of-the-art XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) technology that allows the booster to reduce gain in the presence of a strong outside cellular signal. The amplifier will never shut down due to overpowering. When the WilsonPro 1000 senses any incoming cell signal strong enough to overload the system, XDR technology automatically reduces signal gain to compensate for the overload condition while maintaining signal coverage throughout the building. The unique XDR feature stands in contrast to many competing systems which shut down when they reach a maximum incoming signal strength threshold, causing the indoor cell signal to drop out. It also eliminates the need for costly site visits to restart a booster that has shut itself down due to oscillation or overload conditions. The WilsonPro 1000 is universal: it works for all cellular devices, all services and all U.S. and Canada cell phone carriers. What's more, the booster's integrated power supply, full color display and convenient antenna ports located on the top of the unit, make for easy installation by a single professional. The WilsonPro 1000 is a clear choice for technology integrators whose customers need improved cell coverage in large buildings. Visit www.tessco.com/go/wilson. Wilson Pro 1000, Select 5 Band Booster Kit TESSCO No. 562536 List: $3,999.99 Wilson Pro 1000 Booster Kit That means no more dropped calls or lost connections, faster download speeds and a reliable signal up to 32x stronger than normal. "

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