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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 10 Overcome Interference Challenges in the Field Using Real-Time Spectrum Analysis With the increase of wireless technologies, one inherent challenge is interference. There are a few ways to classify interference. From the signal interaction viewpoint, it can be categorized as co-channel inter- ference, adjacent channel interference and intermodulation (passive and active). Interference impacts Wi-Fi, cellular, radio, TV, microwave back- haul, satellite downlink, smart grid and more. Traditional swept tuned and FFT spectrum analyzers are very effective for detecting a relatively constant signal, or max hold can be used to detect intermittent signals. Because traditional analyz- ers either have a large dead time where no data is being captured during a retrace, or the dead time is unpre- dictable, their effectiveness starts to be challenged when dealing with random bursty signals or a signal whose duration is based on network traffic conditions. A real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) is an FFT analyzer without dead time. The receiver is parked at a frequency span of interest. There is no tuning or stepping. It has a large enough signal buf- fer, FFT engine and display engine to process and empty memory before subsequent data frames come in. Within its capture bandwidth, it detects transient signals, dynamic signals and RF pulses. Recently, Keysight introduced option 350, RTSA capability to the FieldFox family of RF and Microwave Combination and Spectrum ana- lyzers. It is license key activated so RTSA can be added to properly configured units already in field. This innovation brings a new level of interference detection to a field test tool, making finding and mitigating interference much faster and easier. Find out more by downloading the Overcoming RF & MW Interference Challenges in the Field ap note. The Keysight FieldFox family offers cable sweep, spectrum analysis (FFT and RTSA), VNA, power meter and more in a single user upgrad- able box. Models range from 4 GHz to 50 GHz. Visit www.tessco.com/go/keysight. Realtime Spectrum Analyzer, HPK N9918AU-350 TESSCO No. 595373 List: $5,160.00 Easily Distinguish Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Signals With the RTSA Density Display NFPA Compliant Signal Booster For Mission Critical Applications The 613-8 Series, 700MHz, 800MHz and 700/800MHz Dual Band Digital Signal Boosters from Bird operate in the 700- 800 MHz range, with 1-30 programmable digital filters per band available for both uplink and downlink. Filter center frequency and characteristics are fully programmable to meet the demands of various systems and signals such as APCO 25 phase II. The filter bandwidth is programmable from 6.25 KHz to 15 MHz using an intuitive web browser interface that provides local and remote access. All models are protected by a NEMA 4 style enclosure. The 613-8 Series is part of the RescueLine Family and is both IFC & NFPA compliant. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. Digital Signal Booster, 764-869 MHz TESSCO No. 506560 List: $27,300.00 Digital Signal Booster New 4043 Power Sensor is a Key Component of Your Complete RF Power Monitoring System The Bird Model 4043 is a Directional Power Sensor providing both forward and reflected composite power measurements with +/-5% of reading accuracy, at power levels of up to 500 watts and is also NIST traceable. This sensor is intended for use at the transmit combiner output, in order to provide both composite output from the combiner power, as well as antenna VSWR information. Key Features NEW lower price! RS-485 interface enables daisy-chain multiple sensors Fully CE and ROHS complaint Ideal for Cellular, DAS and LMR applications Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. Thruline Statistical Power Sensor, 350-6000 MHz, 500W TESSCO No. 511055 List: $4,495.00 Statistical Power Sensor We've got a great reason for you to try something new when it comes to procuring products for your projects and contracts. Send us your next project's BOM, and we'll handle the rest. www.tessco.com/go/quote Send Us Your BOM

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