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MARCH APRIL 2016 9 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Call your TESSCO experts to learn more about our products and solutions or visit us at tessco.com RF Filtering Test & Measure Surge Protection Microwave Antennas RF Filtering Test & Measure Surge Protection Microwave Antennas C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Tessco SMT ad.pdf 1 1/19/16 2:50 PM Install Confidence Every Time & Every Where Comp Pro the last connector you will need to install! CompPro Compression Connectors for Braided Cable Harsh Environment Applications Interconnect Solutions Comp Pro is a registered trademark of RF Industries LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems See our full line of Compression Connectors and Tools at www.tessco.com/go/rfi Foolproof Field Installation-One Minute Install Rugged Construction-Pull Strength >200lbs Waterproof Design-IP68 Rated Patented Compression Technology N, 7-16 DIN and TNC Interfaces LMR -400 & Equivalent Braided Cables Now Available for LMR -600 Cable Maximize Control of Your Communications Site Keeping your communications network up and running is critical to your business. Two key factors are a reliable power source and real time monitoring and control. The HE1U-BMS- MU Series from DuraComm provides confidence that your site is fully operational, secure, and the entire power system, including batteries, is in peak condition. The DuraComm HE1U-BMS-MU Series provides high-power density coupled with integrated seamless battery backup, smart charging and battery low-voltage disconnect available in 12, 24 and 48VDC. This unit is also equipped with Ethernet connected monitoring, control, and notification of alarm conditions. This provides you real time information of the temperature, AC input voltage, DC output voltage and current, battery voltage and current and DC ok alarm for the power supply module. Also this provides you a dry contact input to monitor external equipment and a digital output to control an external relay. All of these functions allow you to manage and control the state of your communi- cations site and alert you to a prob- lem before your customers do. As a complement to their new feature packed power supplies, DuraComm introduces their new line of 1RU rack mount power dis- tribution panel. The DP-20ATC-2JC Series fuse panels provide up to 20 load circuits protected by individual blade-style fuses. (ATC/ATO, ATM, Mini, Micro fuses). Each circuit can be fused up to 15 Amps, with 75 Amps max per 10-fuse block. Each panel includes 2 JCASE fused cir- cuits up to 40 Amps for higher current loads. With a total 22- circuits and a load of 150A Max 12VDC and 100A Max for 24, 48VDC these units provide maximum protection in minimum rack space. Visit www.tessco.com/go/duracomm. TESSCO No. 581568 Rack Mount Power Supply With Built-In Monitoring and Control, 48 VDC Output, 12A Max, 110/220 VAC Input List: $995.00 TESSCO No. 591568 Rack Mount Power Supply With Built-In Monitoring & Control. 13.8 VDC Output, 50A Max, 110/220 VAC Input List: $995.00 TESSCO No. 580267 Power Distribution Panel, 20 Positions, 75A Max per 10-Fuse Block List: $295.00 TESSCO No. 580256 Power Distribution Panel, 20 Positions, 75A Max per 10-Fuse Block List: $295.00 Rack Mount Power Supply Wall Data Cabinet Additional Pro Series Power Supplies Available ICT has added six new higher power models to the Pro Series family of high performance, cost effective line of 1RU DC power supplies. The Pro Series is now available in 12 volts DC with 100 Amps output, 24 volts at 50 Amp output, and 48 volts at 25 Amp output. With 90 to 93 percent efficiency and power factor corrected AC input, the Pro Series provides signif- icant energy saving improvements, and the 1RU design saves valuable rack space. An optional battery backup terminal with integrated low voltage disconnect is available. ICT Pro Series provides an ideal DC power solution for wireless communications professionals who demand cost effec- tive, high efficiency space-saving DC power systems for LMR, broadband, and small cell applications. Combine the Pro Series with an Intelligent Distribution Series load panel from ICT to create an integrated, compact, fully IP-managed DC power system. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ict. TESSCO No. 554209 Power Supply, 48V 25A, With Battery Backup List: $960.00 TESSCO No. 580791 Power Supply, 24V 50A, With Battery Backup List: $960.00 TESSCO No. 590791 Power Supply, 12V 100A, With Battery Backup List: $960.00 Power Supply With Battery Backup NEW! Wall-Mount Rack Enclosures Keep Network Equipment Secure Even the strongest passwords can't keep your network secure if equipment isn't protected against unauthorized access. Tripp Lite's wall-mount rack enclosures offer ideal solutions for securing and organizing hardware in remote locations or cramped environments. With 6U of space for EIA- standard equipment, Tripp Lite's SRW6U features a lockable front door and side panels. The sturdy steel cabinet prevents damage, tampering, and theft of switches, patch panels, and wireless routers up to 16.5 inches deep. The door and side panels are perforated, en- suring ample passive cooling. Tripp Lite's SRW12USG provides 12U of space for equipment up to 20.5 inches deep, plus the front door features a shatter-resistant clear acrylic window. The cabinet's hinged back allows easy access to cables and equipment during installation or maintenance. Tripp Lite offers a full range of reliable solutions to support wireless systems, including UPS systems, UPS batteries, PDUs, racks, surge protectors, inverters and DC power supplies. Visit www.tessco.com/go/tripplite. TESSCO No. 570235 Wall Data Cabinet, 6U List: $270.00 TESSCO No. 531494 SmartRack Enclosure, 12U List: $594.00

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