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MARCH APRIL 2016 5 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. Keep BDA/DAS In-Building Networks Ready for Emergencies Submitted by Newmar Reliable, in-building wireless coverage is important for employees and guests, but is even more critical during times of emergency for first responders. In order to ensure coverage for emergency personnel, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established codes and standards for in-building Emergency Communications Systems utilizing a BDA (bi-directional antenna) and DAS platform. Newmar's DC UPS/BDS series meets many NFPA 510/1221 compliance requirements and will keep a communications network accessible and reliable for first responders. Newmar offers three models in 48, 24, and 12 volt output with 10 amp power rating, all of which are single DIN rail mount units providing power and alarm functions. Other solutions require supplementary components to achieve the full range of features that are built-in Newmar's device: a power supply, a charging circuit to maintain the NFPA-required 12 hour backup battery, a low voltage disconnect which takes the battery offline when it's depleted to prevent damage, and a full range of alarm functions required under NFPA rules. Among the built in NFPA-required alarms is an AC power failure signal. In the event of AC fail, a signal is generated to the control panel indicating AC is no longer present and the system is running on reserve battery. The DC UPS is also programmed to provide alarm notification when AC is present but the internal battery charger fails to operate. This is crucial because if the charger fails the backup battery will drain, leaving it unable to power the system should an emergency occur. A third alarm provides vital power availability information to onsite emergency personnel who must stay in contact with each other and scene commanders. To meet NFPA rules Newmar's DC UPS includes a backup battery discharge signal that will activate when the reserve battery reaches 30 percent remaining capacity. This noti- fies first responders they have limited remaining in-building communications capability and will also alert network administrators if the backup battery is depleting faster than expected when in use. A reliable network can do more than provide connectivity in public spaces for employees and guests. A well-designed public safety DAS network can protect your building and provide the peace of mind that comes with preparation. Newmar's DC UPS BDS series combines ease of installation and streamlined functionality with a full array of features to ensure your network meets requirements and will be ready to perform in any emergency. Public Safety Power System, 48VDC 10A DIN TESSCO No. 552574 Example two is a small network VAR with a poor financial history that won a large project. They were in business 20 years, but had minimal net worth and liquidity concerns, as well as poor trade references due to slow payment. They needed funding for a state project worth $4 million and did not want their end user aware. They had an average bank balance of $20,000 and no trade credit available. TESSCO managed to establish a $25,000 trade credit, a $50,000 chan- nel finance line, and an escrow account, with $35,000 usage under trade credit, $94,000 usage under channel finance, and $2.6 million usage under escrow. Finally, scenario three includes a DVBE-Section 8(A) network VAR with poor payment history and a Tier 1 carrier end user. In business for 13 years and with 20 employees, they had negative equity and poor trade references from their poor payment history. They had an average bank balance of $20,000 and no trade credit available, with an $800,000 project need. Despite their difficult status, TESSCO established a $25,000 trade credit, a $250,000 channel finance line, a lease line, and a preliminary notice to help them meet their project needs. For more information, visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar. While TESSCO's long history of success and varied partnerships provide the flexibility to craft a specific financial solution to any project, there are ways for a company to improve their access to funding and their odds of approval. These include: 1. Pay bills on time, paying attention to your average days to pay. 2. Maintain open lines of communication. 3. Demonstrate a willingness to provide financial information. 4. Develop strong trade references and updated D&B. 5. Maintain positive working capital, limited debt, and profitability. Generate cash from operations. Make Sure First Responders Can Communicate When Its Most Critical Ensuring in-building coverage for first responders adds another layer onto your overall coverage design. Not only do you need to cover areas which may not be at the top of the list for everyday users, stairwells for example, but you also need to ensure coverage of public safety frequencies, such as UHF, VHF, 700 and 800 MHz. TESSCO can help align the latest solutions with your customers challenges. We support your design, proposal and procurement efforts from design and testing and turn up. Visit https://www.tessco.com/systems/enhanced-cellular-coverage-and-capacity TESSCO Public Safety Tip

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