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MARCH APRIL 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS (continued from page 1) Ensuring Outdoor Wi-Fi Network Reliability During Power Outages TESSCO No. 581721 of a power outage ensuring that the access point remains powered and communications are uninterrupted. Its lightweight design allows easy installation onto light poles and building infrastructure. The Outdoor UPS is not limited to providing battery backup to access points. It converts 120VAC local power into 45 watts of PoE power for most common PoE devices, making it ideal for backup power for security cameras and many other outdoor devices. Housed within a water-tight 10" x 12" x 6" NEMA4x enclosure, it protects the battery from dust, debris, rain, snow, and ice and it includes latch locks, for protection from tampering and theft. Ventev, an industry leader in wireless power solutions, has added the new Outdoor UPS for Wi-Fi Access Points to its com- prehensive portfolio of solutions that includes integrated and temperature-controlled power systems for Wi-Fi and SCADA access points. For more information visit www.Ventev.com/Infra or call 800.851.4965. 1 http://insideenergy.org/2014/08/18/power-outages-on-the-rise-across-the-u-s/ Part of their Enhanced Services offering, TESSCO's Financing Services help companies secure needed funding with creative solutions that can overcome difficult borrowing situations and other obstacles. "Knowing the financing options available to you can be the difference between your company expanding or going the other way," TESSCO VP and Treasurer Cindy King said, noting that Apple utilized a purchase order finance to build their first 50 computers. TESSCO has many funding options, beginning with traditional lines of credit or trade credit. TESSCO determines trade credit for companies based on years in business, number of employees, trade experience, and suits, judgements, liens, or bankruptcies. If a company meets the minimum requirement at each credit level they can be instantly approved, but only 25% of TESSCO's trade credit comes from this model. Generally, additional supports are needed for approval and current financials, a bank reference, or a personal or corpo- rate guaranty can improve a company's odds of approval and potentially increase their credit availability. Picking the proper funding solution for specific needs is especially crucial, with factors such as the repay- ment terms needed, whether they are reselling, and whether they plan to leverage the end user's credit with or without their knowledge important to consider. Depending on these factors, options like bank lines, trade credit, joint POs, assignment of proceeds, preliminary notice, escrow, channel finance, leasing, or some combi- nation, could all be viable choices. A collection of case studies, each with a unique company and borrowing situation, demonstrate TESSCO's ability to customize a funding solution that meets a project's needs and eliminates a company's barriers to funding. Case study one features a small business utility integrator with limited financial in- formation. In business for 15 years but with only two employees and limited financials, this company needed at least $250,000 for an installation for a highly rated utility and did not want their end user aware of their financing. They had an average bank bal- ance of $80,000 and trade credit of $25,000 available. TESSCO was able to establish a $75,000 trade credit and an escrow account; with the company's usage under trade credit $350,000 and usage under escrow $850,000. TESSCO Ensures Financing Won't Impede Your Progress Submitted by TESSCO Technologies " Knowing the financing options available to you can be the difference between your company expanding or going the other way." To learn more about TESSCO's Enhanced Services, including financing, visit www.tessco.com/go/enhancedservices. TESSCO VP and Treasurer Cindy King

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