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MARCH APRIL 2016 3 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. Paula Doublin, AT&T's Assistant VP for Antenna Solutions, kicked off the DAS Track presentation at TESSCO's annual TESSCO One Innovation Showcase & Conference with a discussion on the future of DAS and meeting the evolving demands of connectivity. Doublin began her speech by asking audience members to imagine a world in which they're always connected and whether they felt that world exists today. "I'm going to say you're not connected all the way," she said. "In the last minute 1.5 gigabytes of IP data has traversed the network, 3.47 million instant messages have been exchanged, 32,000 hours of music has been downloaded and played. If there is a ceiling out there [for network demands] I don't know where it is." Doublin explained AT&T's efforts to transform large spaces with DAS networks, stating that they've evolved 7,000 venues including everything from airports to campuses, commercial and retail, golf courses, healthcare facilities, and stadiums. Along with the network equipment requirements for delivering connectivity, Doublin also focused on the other aspects of meeting the growing network demands. "How do you keep up with a world of constant connectivity," she asked. "We start and end with the customer." She went on to cover the importance of employee skills and customer ser- vice in keeping up with the evolution of DAS network demands. "You've got to empower others," she explained. "There's a fear that says do I have permission to do that? And I say who's going to stop me? That's the mindset you have to have." "Who has a forward looking training program for employees?" she continued. "Get after that one and get after it fast, otherwise you might get left behind." Doublin outlined efforts by AT&T to educate their employees, like online nanodegrees in partnership with Udacity and a Master's Degree program developed with Georgia Tech University, as ex- amples of the efforts needed to keep skills up to date. "Sometimes innovation necessitates more innovation," she concluded. AT&T's Paula Doublin Shares Her Outlook on DAS at This Year's TESSCO One Submitted by TESSCO Technologies If there is a ceiling out there [for network demands] I don't know where it is." " of devices, as well as the improved performance of devices which place greater demand on the networks. Brizzi noted that mobile commerce is estimated to reach $600 billion in 2018, so strong, reliable networks will be crucial. Brizzi outlined how streamlined installations, minimized equipment footprints, and a higher quality signal will lower the cost per user for networks and how planning for new technology adaptability can limit future expenses. CommScope's Brian Domingo followed with an explanation of innovations in DAS that have transformed the industry. According to Domingo, CommScope has been able to reduce headend space by 50%, the need for skilled labor by 75%, and materials costs by 25%, thanks to the latest advances in technology. Finally, Dan Bufanda from RFS showed how DAS can be used to address high capacity, challenging network needs. He pointed to RFS's successful projects for underground subway systems in Boston and New York City, stadiums at the 2014 FIFA World Cup that accommodated 80,000 fans per match, and New York City's Grand Central Station terminal as evidence. The DAS Track was just one of the attractions at TESSCO One, which gathers industry experts and professionals together each year to hear more about the latest wireless innovations and experience new technology first-hand. Visit www.tessco-one.com for highlights from this year's show. (continued from page 1) DAS Track Covers Wireless from All Angles

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