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MARCH APRIL 2016 17 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. INSTALLATION & TEST MAINTENANCE Speed cell-site deployments with BBU emulation - available now on Viavi Solutions CellAdvisor and T-BERD instruments. BBU emulation delivers a higher degree of test coverage, improving OpEx. And, with Viavi, you'll reduce tower climbs by letting techs quickly test CPRI circuits from the ground. Get started now at www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions . Deploy FTTA Cell Sites in One Visit Low PIM Components Handle High RF Power Levels Bird's line of low PIM compo- nents can be used to help distrib- ute signals efficiently throughout venues without creating inter- modulation products. Despite their small form factor they can handle high RF power levels while minimizing interference. 200-DC Series Directional Couplers The 200-DC series consists of 5 models of directional couplers designed to balance signals evenly across a coaxial DAS network. These couplers operate over the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency band, feature power handling up to 200 W, and have a maximum 1.2 to 1 VSWR. 150-DC Series Hybrid Couplers The low PIM 150-DC series of 2 x 2 hybrid couplers operate within the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency band, feature a VSWR of 1.25 to 1, and are capable of power handling up to 150 W. The two available models are designed to provide equal or unequal splits for combining signals with minimal loss. 200-DD Series Splitters The 200-DD series consists of 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way models of low PIM splitters designed to provide equal splitting or combining of signals with minimal loss. These couplers operate over the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency band, and feature up to 200 W of power handling. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. TESSCO No. 556056 698-2700 6dB Directional Coupler List: $130.00 TESSCO No. 591057 698-2700 MHz 2-Way Power Divider List: $100.00 TESSCO No. 581055 698-2700 MHz 3dB Hybrid Coupler List: $185.00 Directional Coupler Reduce Tower Climbs By Identifying and Isolating Deployment Issues in One Site Visit Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) architectures involves a BBU (Base Band Unit) at the base of the tower, connected to a RRH at the top through a fiber interface. The RRH is then connected to the antennas through a coaxial cable. Today these deployments are experiencing unprecedented challenges in the deployment, management and troubleshooting of wireless networks. By some estimates, carriers are experiencing up to 20 percent repeat tower climbs to address issues that may cause excessive delays, increase safety concerns, and increase costs ($2500+ per crew dispatch). Typical cell-site FTTA deployment workflow requires a contractor to install fiber, coax, RRH, and an- tennas at the top of the tower. The cable tests (fiber inspection, fiber continuity, coax sweep and PIM) are performed prior to the build completion but once completed the contractor leaves the site. In the next phase, typically at a later date, the BBU is installed and the cell- site commissioned. During or after the commissioning, issues may be uncovered which could not be detected during the first phase of installation. Typically the problems manifest themselves in the following areas: Swapped Cables Faulty Antennas Incorrect or Improper SFP Radio Defect & Software Issues Passive Intermodulation Issues Troubleshooting these issues may require the dispatch of a tower crew, causing delays and increasing costs. Having a test instrument such as the Viavi CellAdvisor or T-BERD with BBU emulation feature allows technicians to achieve more com- plete test coverage during the initial build process, uncovering issues earlier and significantly reducing deployment time. In addition, all testing is conducted from the base of the tower avoiding costly, time consuming and dangerous tower climbs. Key benefits provided by the Viavi CellAdvisor and T-BERD with BBU emulation are: CPRI Layer 2 RRH Initialization SFP Identification RRH Configuration & Performance Verification Antenna Tilt (RET) Management VSWR Analysis PIM and Interference Detection By utilizing the Viavi Solutions BBU emulation feature with our CellAdvisor or T-BERD products during the close out process, carriers and contractors can significantly reduce deployment costs, network build time and lower operational expenditures. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ viavisolutions. TESSCO No. 590165 Base Station Analyzer, JD785B, Includes CW Signal Generator, Optical Hardware, GPS Receiver and Antenna, Y-Calibration Kit NM DC-6 GHz 50 Ohm List: $25,345.00 TESSCO No. 580165 Base Station Analyzer, JD745B, Includes Signal Generator, Optical Hardware, GPS Receiver and Antenna List: $19,120.00 TESSCO No. 531773 JD723C Cable & Antenna Analyzer, 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz List: $4,550.00 TESSCO No. 540694 Handheld Network Tester, TB5800 List: $7,000.00 TESSCO offers a full range of procurement & ecommerce integrations to make managing your supply chain easy & efficient. Order Approval Management Procurement Solutions Contract Vehicle Support TESSCO is Your Total Source for GSA-Approved Products SCHEDULES Contract GS-24F-0090N Contract GS-06F-0008P Contract GS-35F-0548P > 3 Schedules > 118 Manufacturers > 15,000+ Products www.tessco.com/go/gsa Visit www.tessco.com/go/enhancedservices.

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