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PLEASE reference this code when ordering from this issue. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the author(s). 07905 Feature Article DAS Track Covers Wireless from All Angles Page 1 Feature Article Ensuring Outdoor Wi-Fi Network Reliability During Power Outages Page 1 Feature Article AT&T's Paula Doublin Shares Her Outlook on DAS at This Year's TESSCO One Page 3 Feature Article TESSCO Ensures Financing Won't Impede Your Progress Page 4 Feature Article Behind the Scenes at TESSCO One Page 6 Ensure Emergency Coverage With Laird Page 12 Low Loss, Plenum-Rated Cables from Times Microwave Page 14 Long Distance Reliable Connectivity With Moxa Page 15 Handle High RF Power Levels With Bird Page 17 This Issue (continued on page 3) (continued on page 4) The Wireless Journal VOLUME 23 NO. 1 March/April 2016 wirelessjournal.tessco.com System and Product Reviews for Those Who Build, Use and Maintain Wireless PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377 DAS Track Covers Wireless from All Angles Submitted by TESSCO Technologies A panel of industry experts, moderated by retired Executive Director of the DHS Joint Wireless Program, John Santo, discussed all things DAS during a special presentation at TESSCO's annual TESSCO One Innovation Showcase & Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Representatives from some of the top brands in wireless, including Bird Technologies, Wilson Electronics, JMA TEKO, CommScope, and RFS covered topics ranging from the guidelines for public safety DAS to cost of ownership and innovations in the market. Minfei Leng of Bird Technologies discussed the guidelines created by ICC and NFPA for accessibility and reliability of networks for public safety personnel. In addition to discuss- ing some of the recommended features, like coverage, signal strength thresholds, battery backup capabilities, and alarms, Leng also emphasized the coming changes to the guide- lines for 2016 and encouraged a review and reassessment of networks to ensure they're meeting the latest recommendations. Curtis Burkhart from Wilson Electronics spoke about the use of cellular signal boost- ers and how they can help networks in mid- size market installations while cutting costs. Burkhart said cellular signal boosters can be a practical solution for installations of 50,000 to 250,000 square feet where a full DAS installa- tion may not be feasible. Next, Gilberto Brizzi from JMA TEKO covered the new innovations that are impacting the total cost of ownership for DAS installations, includ- ing the spread of technology and prevalence of Ensuring Outdoor Wi-Fi Network Reliability During Power Outages Submitted by Ventev As outdoor Wi-Fi has become more commonplace, it has also become more essential to business operations. Schools, train stations, airports, manufacturing yards, and municipalities rely on outdoor networks operating in surrounding parking lots and campuses for mission critical communications such as ensuring employees working outside have reliable access to business applications, information, and databases. The need for reliable outdoor Wi-Fi can be seen everywhere: cities remotely monitor traffic lights at busy intersections, hospitals dispatch emergency communications to staff across campus, remote oil and gas drill sites transmit data analytics, and railroad yards require Wi-Fi for voice and data communications. But what happens to these essential communications during a power outage? Power interruptions can disrupt vital out- door communications and result in safety issues, business downtime, and significant loss of revenue. Between 2000 and 2014, the number of reported power outages, includ- ing weather-related outages, rose across the entire country. Overall strain on the electric grid is to blame, caused by several factors including an aging infrastructure, the grow- ing population and more frequent extreme weather. 1 While indoor wireless networks are often backed up by emergency generators, rarely are outdoor, remote electrical circuits on the same backup generator. To ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi outside, Ventev is introducing a new, afford- able Outdoor UPS for Wi-Fi Access Points. The Outdoor UPS (uninterruptible power supply) provides reliable PoE power with between four to eight hours of battery back- up to support one or two 802.11ac access points using 802.3at power. The low profile power solution allows a seamless transfer to the UPS battery backup system in the event PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID TESSCO TECHNOLOGIES 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland USA 21031-1494 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED PRODUCT AWARD WINNERS SEE PAGE 7 >>> Speaker John Santo leads off of a panel discussion on pressing DAS issues at TESSCO One, held in Phoenix from February 23-24.

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