Tessco Wireless Journal June July 2015 Page 7 TESSCO Wireless Journal June/July 2015

JUNE JULY 2015 7 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Adapter Kits: Low PIM Adapters for Wireless DAS 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN connectors are used in wireless infrastructure and DAS installations for their compact size and low PIM performance. RF Industries manufactures a com- plete line of 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to N and 7-16 DIN adapters and provides the most popular versions packaged in six- and seven-piece kits. The right angle adapter fea- tures a radius internal design with constant 50 ohm impedance for optimum electrical performance to 7.5 GHz. Male interfaces have large hex coupling nuts for easy mating using a torque wrench. Adapters are manufactured with brass bodies and durable non-tarnish, tri-metal (white bronze) plating with a PIM rating of less than or equal to -160dBc using two tones at 20 watts. All adapters in the kit and addi- tional variations are sold separately. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rfi. TESSCO No. 519232 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to N Adapter Kit, 6-piece List: $460.34 TESSCO No. 540767 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to 7-16 DIN Adapter Kit,6-piece List: $458.77 TESSCO No. 544052 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to N Adapter Kit, 7-piece List: $447.77 TESSCO No. 502109 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to 7-16 DIN Adapter Kit, 7-piece List: $541.04 Need to Incorporate 48 Volts at Your Site? Whether you're incorporating microwave backhaul radios at your sites or installing 48-volt battery systems to reduce the amount of copper needed, the decision to use 48-volt power affects the choice of power products you need as well. At ICT , we offer a broad range of 48-volt power products in addition to 12 and 24 volts, including DC power supplies, DC power distribu- tion, DC to AC inverters, low voltage disconnects, and isolated DC to DC converters. Our dual bus distribution panels can even support 48 volts on one bus and 12 or 24 on the other, saving rack space and money. ICT 1RU load distribution panels and power supplies and 1500 watt DC-AC inverters are available with Ethernet for remote monitoring and power-cycling of connected DC loads like backhaul radios, POE controllers and access points, or AC loads like firewalls, switches and servers. You can even power-cycle routers if they lock up so you don't lose communication to your site. When you need to incorporate 48-volt power, come to the one-stop power shop. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ict. TESSCO No. 542914 Intelligent Dual Bus Breaker Panel With Ethernet List: $1,050.00 TESSCO No. 530838 DC Power Supply, 48VDC With Ethernet List: $1,680.00 TESSCO No. 511024 Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 1500W 48VDC input, 115VAC Output List: $1,065.00 TESSCO No. 579231 Intelligent Single Bus Distribution Panel With Ethernet List: $1,020.00 Pure Sine Wave Inverter Log on to see whats new. Providing knowledge to choose the right products. Choices to configure the best solutions. On-time delivery and on-budget deployments. TESSCO.com

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