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JUNE JULY 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 16 INSTALLATION & TEST MAINTENANCE New TESSCO Installation, Test & Maintenance Partner 3Z.net www.tessco.com/go/3z 3Z offers a world leader antenna alignment tool: The 3Z RF Aligner for both panel antennas and point-to-point microwave systems; the first wireless antenna monitoring sensor: The Antenna WASP, which monitors the antenna alignment and reports any undesired changes occurred. Along with these products, 3Z also offers in-building DAS, RF engineering, RF EME compliance, interference hunting, tower services and drive testing. Cope www.tessco.com/go/cope Cope is the original brand of cable tray. In 1948, Thomas Jefferson Cope developed the first modular cable tray system and introduced it to the electrical industry. Today the Cope brand is part of Atkore International and is the premier producer of all major categories of cable tray systems. Products are produced to NEMA standards and range from standard com- mercial systems to the heaviest of industrial systems. Pocket-Sized Antenna and Cable Analyzer Features Intuitive Interface Bird Technologies launched its new Low Frequency SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer cov- ering frequency ranges from 300 kHz-200 MHz! This pocket-sized Antenna and Cable Analyzer fea- tures an intuitive interface readily accessible to the first time user and minimizes clicks for an expert using it every day. Substantial internal storage eliminates the need to worry about file storage, holding thou- sands of traces on the device for fu- ture analysis or reporting, and now comes with a three year warranty! With the SiteHawk, it is simple to: Determine if there is a problem with your cable and antenna system using the Measure Match function. Locate the source of the problem with the Use Distance to Fault measurement. Units cover frequency ranges of 85-4000MHz and 300kHz-200MHz. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. TESSCO No. 519365 300kHz-200MHz Sitehawk Analzyer Kit, Includes AC Adapter, Hard and Soft Case, RF Cable, USB Interface Cable, Battery, USB Drive, Instructional Manual. List: $2,950.00 TESSCO No. 516523 SiteHawk Analyzer Kit, 85MHz to 4GHz List: $2,450.00 Sitehawk Analzyer Turn your RF techs into fiber test experts-instantly Today, techs test RF and fiber. Equip them with RF/fiber instruments from JDSU: the world leader in fiber test. Get more info at www.tessco.com/go/jdsu RF, meet Fiber! Easy, Affordable Fiber Test for Every Technician Fiber optic cabling is everywhere. Fiber is now common at cell towers, small cells and throughout distrib- uted antenna systems (DAS) with growth expected to continue. This growth increases pressure on instal- lation and maintenance technicians, many of whom are new to optical fiber, to complete jobs faster, cor- rectly and on time. When something goes wrong, those same technicians must detect impairments and re- solve problems quickly and easily during one site visit. With equipment budgets under constant downward pressure, equipping technicians with new fiber test tools is also an ongoing challenge. To address these challenges, JDSU has introduced the new SmartOTDRTM essential handheld fiber tester. SmartOTDR is an affordable, easy-to-use device for technicians of every skill level. SmartOTDR integrates essential fiber test functions with robust wireless connectivity options to dramatically improve technician productivity at an attractive, budget-conscious price. A sample of benefits the SmartOTDR provides to fiber techni- cians includes: Integrated essential fiber test functionality: Save money with a single device for fiber end face inspection and analysis, OTDR mea- surements, optical loss testing and visual fault location. Fast and easy measurements: Save time with one-touch operation, automatic analysis and a tailored OTDR GUI perfect for technicians with a variety of skill levels. Cloud-based connectivity: Improve efficiency with automated asset tracking, standardized test configurations across the entire fleet of instruments, and wireless upload of test results and reports. Convenience in the field: Improve productivity with a light, ultra-com- pact and hands-free design and all-day battery life. Three-year warranty: Reduce overall cost of ownership. Visit www.tessco.com/go/jdsu. Coming Soon JDSU SmartOTDR126A-P1 List: $5500.00 Better Networks With Compact Low PIM Terminations Since 1961, MECA (Microwave Equipment & Components of America) Electronics, Inc. has designed and manufactured an extensive line of RF/microwave components with industry-leading performance, including fixed attenuators, directional and hybrid couplers, circulators and isolators, power divider/combiners, RF loads, integrated assemblies, DC blocks, bias tees, adapters and jumpers, and DAS equipment. MECA serves all areas of the RF and microwave industries, including world-class net- work providers and support for the supply chain infrastructure. MECA has long been the backbone of high-performance wired and air-interfaced networks such as in-building applications, satellite communications, radar, radio communications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, and aviation and air traffic communications. MECA's compact low-PIM (-160/-165 dBc Typ) 50- and 100-watt terminations feature industry-leading PIM performance while handling full-rated power to 85C. All of the terminations cover 0.698-2.700 GHz frequency bands in 7/16 DIN, Type N and 4.1/9.5 (mini-DIN) connectors, VSWR = 1.10:1 Typ/1.20:1 Min. Access all of the features in one compact pack- age(s). The terminations are made in the United States and include a 36-month warranty. Visit www.tessco.com/go/meca. TESSCO No. 511869 Low PIM Load, DIN Male Connector, .698-2.7 GHz, 100-Watt List: $1,267.00 TESSCO No. 518130 Low PIM Load DIN Male Connector, .698-2.7 GHz, 50-Watt List: $675.25 Low PIM Termination Customer-Controlled Inventory Management Solution

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