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JUNE JULY 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 14 NETWORK SYSTEMS New TESSCO Network Systems Partner Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR): More Speed, More Places The Fastback IBR powers high-capacity mobile service anywhere. With breakthroughs in performance, line-of-sight versatility and ease of installation, the IBR is purpose built for meeting high-capacity demand and delivers multiple "firsts" in wireless backhaul operation. Features include: Highest Speed: Scalable up to 800 Mbps at 500m range (NLOS) and 3km range (LOS), 300 Mbps at 10km range (LOS) Lowest Latency: 500 sec AnyLOS Operation: Sustained performance across NLOS nLOS and LOS links Interference Mitigation: Carrier grade reliability in 5GHz unlicensed spectrum Over Air Security: AES-256 and TRANSSEC Transport: Full Layer 2 SLA Assurance: Full-featured OAM capability, QoS, CoS Timing and Synchronization Over NLOS Link: Packet-based timing over wireless, distributed 1588v2 transparent clock Unrivalled Ease, Speed and Flexibility of Installation The IBR simplifies, speeds and adds flexibility to mobile wireless deployments with Ethernet-powered IBR units installed and up and ready to run in under 15 minutes. Designed to be easily installed by non- technically skilled personnel, the compact, ruggedized unit (IP66 rating) mounts anywhere-on towers and light poles, the tops and sides of buildings and billboards, or off a cable strand. Once mounted, auto discovery and synchronization soft- ware automatically aligns the unit within minutes in any LOS location. LOS conditions and eliminates the need for recurring manual alignment. Plus, the IBR is remotely upgradable. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ fastbacknetworks. TESSCO No. 519241 IBR Base Radio 58Tx, 53Rx List: $9,998.00 TESSCO No. 540758 IBR Base Radio 53Tx, 58Rx List: $9,998.00 IBR Base Radio Ideal Communications Solution for Public Safety When it comes to public safety, you need a reliable device to deliver critical data quickly and efficiently. CalAmp's FirstNet-ready Fusion 4G LTE router accelerates real-time communications and enables vehicle tracking and location-based services, interoperability with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software, camera surveillance and other crucial mobile and fixed solutions such as fleet management and analytics reporting, AVL and more. Recently, Michigan Central Dispatch Authority of Ottawa County was testing solutions with higher bandwidth and greater functionality in order to implement new CAD software. The solution had to be FirstNet-ready, yet backward- compatible with existing infrastructure to provide reliable connectivity and a smooth transition. They chose the CalAmp Fusion as their solution and installed 150 devices in law enforce- ment vehicles and marine vessels. Why Fusion? Multi-network capability bridges the divide between disparate agencies, networks and applications to deliver wireless broadband data connectivity over public and private cellular networks. Quick dispatch with IPSec enables secure connections with public or private LTE networks. Reliable communications enables enhanced situational awareness between incident command, dispatch and first responders. Remotely manage anytime, anywhere with CalAmp's cloud-based solution, DeviceOutlook, for faster deployment, minimized infrastructure and decreased support. Visit www.tessco.com/go/calamp. TESSCO No. 504943 Fusion LTE Router List: $1,290.00 TESSCO No. 542105 DeviceOutlook Mobile Device Management Platform List: $26.00 Fusion LTE Router New Multi-Unit Chargers Solve Desktop Clutter Challenges The Endura TWC12M and TWC2M chargers for two-way radio batteries are ultra-compact and the ideal way for multi-radio users to eliminate desktop clutter in an office or shop. The TWC12M features the industry's smallest footprint and charges 12 batteries in a space smaller than most six-unit chargers. Equally im- pressive, the TWC2M charges two batteries in a footprint smaller than many single unit chargers. Both mod- els allow a battery to be charged on or off the radio and incorporate smart circuitry that prevents over-charging while providing automatic recharging when a radio remains powered-on. The TWC12M and TWC2M are some- times referred to as "quad chemistry" chargers because they can charge Li-Ion, LiPo, NiMH and NiCd batteries, depending on the specific charging pod installed. With available accessories, the TWC12M and TWC2M can be wall mounted or installed in a vehicle. The TWC12M and TWC2M have replaceable charging pods, which allow them to be updated should your radio model change in the future. In addition, the charging pods in the TWC12M can be configured to si- multaneously charge different radio models or brands. The TWC12M and TWC2M are available for popular ra- dios from Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, EF Johnson, Hytera, Icom, Relm and Vertex Standard. Visit www.tessco.com/go/multiplier. TESSCO No. 507590 Dual Unit Charger Base List: $123.80 TESSCO No. 522407 Twelve-Unit Charger Base With External PS, Includes PS With Cord for U.S.-Type Outlet List: $898.00 Charger Base Milicom www.tessco.com/go/milicom Milicom is a headset solutions leader for critical communications in demanding environments in Two-Way and Mobile Phone PTT Markets, including key military, public safety, commercial and industrial customers. Milicom delivers unrivaled performance and value with its patented In-Ear Mic technology for clear communication in all settings, including noise and wind. Milicom Headsets is a "one-stop-shop" for TESSCO partners and customers, since Milicom possesses a complete line of solutions for all Vertical Markets across many devices. RF/Microwave Telecommunications General Purpose High Voltage/Current Pressure/High Pressure Temperature/Humidity EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION SERVICES Dedicated Solution Architects offer expertise in private wireless networks, enhanced coverage, Wi-Fi and more. TESSCO has a team of Solution Architects with direct industry experience to support every TESSCO system. They take our customers' unique requirements and turn them into custom solutions. Let us assist you with your next project, large or small. Visit www.tessco.com/go/enhancedservices. Need help with a technical solution? www.tessco.com/go/techsupport

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