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JUNE JULY 2015 13 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. NETWORK SYSTEMS True Carrier-Class Systems Require Precise Network Timing As telecommunications systems migrate to more cost-effective, packet-based transport systems (Internet Protocol-IP), consideration must be given to timing and synchronization. This issue is typically solved with GPS or a Precise Network Timing protocol over the packet network, using techniques such as Synchronous Ethernet or 1588v2. In many urban environments, GPS is not a reliable or practical solution. To use Precise Network Timing protocols, all the network devices in the backhaul system must support it. 1588v2 is one of the most common Precise Network Timing protocols used and will likely be deployed in more than half of networks within the next 24 months. It is popular because it supports both frequency and time-of-day synchronization, which is required by many new telecommunications systems, such as LTE and LTE-A. These systems typically require about 1.5 ms of timing accuracy. Since there are multiple devices along the backhaul path, each device in the path typically requires about 50 ns of timing accuracy. Conveying Precision Timing Protocol over microwave systems was often the weak link in the chain, due to traditionally high Packet Delay Variations. To overcome this limitation, microwave radio systems should support Precision Timing Protocols such as 1588v2. Cambium Networks is committed to providing high- performance wireless broadband connectivity that is also secure and affordable. The new PTP 650 now supports optional 1588v2 Transparent Clock as well as Synchronous Ethernet. In tests, the PTP 650 has achieved up to 2.8 ns of timing accuracy. This is at least 10 times better than most systems would require and ensures that the system addresses any future requirements. The Cambium Networks PTP 650 is a revolutionary Sub-6 GHz (4940-6050 MHz) point-to-point microwave radio with up to 450 Mbps of throughput. The PTP 650 1588v2 Transparent Clock is particularly useful for applications requiring synchronization and timing, such as LTE Backhaul, Cell- on-Wheels, Small Cell Backhaul and FirstNet Backhaul. Visit www.tessco.com/go/cambium. TESSCO No. 504611 PTP 650 Connectorized END With AC+DC Enhanced Supply List: $2,795.00 Taking Business to New Heights - Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Management Ericsson Wi-Fi Cloud Management Business is transforming at a rapid pace, and as everything gets connected, business gets complex. We know the facts: Wireless usage is exploding-set to increase twelvefold by 2018, and enterprises need to prepare their networks and management capabilities today. Enterprises are increasingly dependent on Wi-Fi fo mission- critical tasks and to support the proliferation of business productivity applications. Enterprise users expect to be connected wherever they are, inside and outside the office, across all of their devices. Managing enterprise, BYOD, guest and IoT devices increases Wi-Fi management complexity. Businesses want to focus on their business, not on managing their Wi-Fi network. As Wi-Fi has transformed the way people work, their business networks have become more complex and difficult to monitor and manage. With cloud-based Wi-Fi management from Ericsson, IT staff stay above it all, meeting the chal- lenge of more connected devices creating and consuming more data. With Ericsson's smart design, there are no controllers or onsite manage- ment servers required, and you can host in your own private cloud or manage on-site or remotely. Business adoption of cloud Wi-Fi management is outpacing traditional deployments. Businesses are turning to cloud solutions to reduce operating expenses and simplify network configuration, op- erations and troubleshooting, while streamlining access and improving the user experience. As more and more devices attach to enterprise Wi-Fi networks, more controls and tools are required to provide a quality user experience while ensuring critical business needs get top priority. This is magnified by the increased use of Wi-Fi to support flexible work spaces, such as hoteling, and the increased reliance on cloud- based systems for productivity, collaboration and communication. This new work environment pos- es challenges as the Wi-Fi network must be built to deliver the coverage and capacity to serve users where work is happening and ensure that the enterprise network is designed and managed for optimal perfor- mance. This increased complexity comes at a time when IT managers must do more with less. The last thing a business IT help desk needs is to increase support calls. Cloud- based Wi-Fi management enables businesses of all sizes to take ad- vantage of these new opportunities while meeting these challenges cost effectively, ensuring their Wi-Fi net- work resources are properly man- aged and are efficiently deployed to meet their users' needs. Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions from Ericsson deliver new value to your business. Ericsson Wi-Fi cloud-based management offers centralized control of Wi-Fi networks, whether for a smaller office with a handful of APs or for larger businesses with multiple tenants and difficult-to-cover buildings and campuses-no on-site controller or management servers are required. With Ericsson's Wi-Fi Manager, SMBs get "bigger" enterprise features without the cost and hassle of on-site management systems and IT staff. Larger organizations or those with sprawling campuses or branch offices are able to centrally monitor and manage performance of Wi-Fi networks deployed across dispersed facilities, ensuring policies are deployed and enforced appropriately. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ericsson. TESSCO No. 578489 BelView NMS Version 6 Server License For Single Network Server, Node Licenses Extra. List: $1760.60 Online Editions Spend most of your life online? TESSCO's print publications are online too-always available, always interactive to give you fast answers wherever you are. www.tessco.com/go/pubs

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