Tessco Wireless Journal June July 2015 Page 12 TESSCO Wireless Journal June/July 2015

JUNE JULY 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network Deploy Wi-Fi Access Points and Optimize RF Coverage Without Mounting to the Ceiling NEW! Compact Wall Mount Positions Access Point Horizontally for Improved RF Propagation The TerraWave Compact Wall Mount allows easy installation of Access Points on walls for optimal Wi-Fi coverage in warehouse and industrial environments, and other areas where mounting on the ceiling may not be practical. Compact Wall Mount Features: n Aesthetically-pleasing small form factor n Conceals cables and protects Access Point from tampering and dust n Ideal for warehouses, hospitals and universities n Compatible with most Access Points CALL TODAY FOR FREE SAMPLE: 800-851-4965 MOUNTING SOLUTIONS For more information visit:Terra-Wave.com Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com Compact Wall Mount With Access Point (not included) Compact Wall Mount Access Points Provide Optimal Wi-Fi Coverage Ventev Wireless Infrastructure has expanded its line of industry- leading enclosures and mounts to include new Compact Wall Mounts. These innovative mounts allow easy installation of access points for optimal Wi-Fi coverage in warehouses and other areas where mounting on ceilings may not be practical. The Compact Wall Mount is available with or without a cover. Both options include a universal mounting T-bar and position the AP horizontally for optimum RF propagation. The covered option protects the AP from dust, debris and impact from above and conceals cables. The cover swings down to allow easy access to the AP and cables without requiring removal of the mount from the wall. In addition to durability, protection and ease of installation, the Compact Wall Mount features an aesthetically pleasing, low profile that blends inconspicuously with the environment. Compared to other industry solutions, the design reduces space needed for installation by up to 50 percent. It is also designed to secure directly to a single Gang electrical box. The Compact Wall Mount is an ideal choice for deploying access points in warehouses, hospitals and universities. Made of powder-coated steel, it is lightweight, easy to deploy and ensures safe and reliable installation. Ventev's TerraWave brand has been a leading provider of enclosures for over a decade. With the new Compact Wall Mounts, Ventev now offers a broader range of mounts to support and secure Wi-Fi access points and better serve the needs of the market for Wi-Fi/WLAN deployments. Visit www.terra-wave.com/mounts. TESSCO No. 521473 Compact Wall Mount With Cover List: $94.99 TESSCO No. 538527 Compact Wall Mount List: $74.99 Trends & Challenges in Remote Monitoring & Control TESSCO Public Safety Networks-Mission-Critical Microwave Backhaul Ceragon PTP 650 Point-to-Point Microwave System Cambium Simplifying RRU Installations With Modular Hybrid Fiber Cables CommScope and TESSCO Simplifying High-Capacity Backhaul Bridgewave and TESSCO Broadband Connectivity for Critical Applications CalAmp >> Visit www.tessco.com/go/webinars for our full webinar selection. Webinar Series Available On Demand TESSCO offers all government customers the products, service and support to meet all of your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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