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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 8 June / July 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Take Control of Network Performance Subscribers expect a seamless wireless experience. They want - no, demand - a network that pro- vides reliable service with connec- tions that are free from interference and dropped calls. Anything less and loyalty begins to waiver. Network optimization is criti- cal, which is no easy task as traffic movements shift throughout the day. Beam tilting is the most popu- lar solution, but it is replete with challenges. Manual tilting requires time-intensive, on-site visits, which are both weather dependent, costly and eco-unfriendly, generating unnecessary carbon dioxide emis- sions. There is a better way. Optimize Network Optimization The Teletilt Agile System by CommScope is a remote electrical tilt (RET) unit that delivers quick and easy antenna modifications without the need for an on-site visit. A rug- ged Teletilt actuator attaches to the antenna, accommodating remote adjustments that take less than a minute to complete. That means no tower climbing, no manual antenna moving or site access restrictions, and no wasted carbon dioxide. The Teletilt actuator provides a better way to optimize your network with benefits that move beyond improved coverage, including: turns with mechanical tilting Visit www.tessco.com/go/ commscope. TESSCO No. 571621 Teletilt Rack Mount Controller List: $1,650.00 TESSCO No. 339105 Teletilt Actuator, AISG 2.0 Default Protocol List: $540.00 Actuator Ideal Solution From Bud Industries for 19-Inch Racking Requirements The affordable aluminum relay racks from Bud Industries are an ideal solution for 19-inch racking requirements during installations where easy access to components is the top priority. These lightweight yet sturdy racks are constructed from strong aluminum extrusions and feature panel-mounting holes that are #12-24 tapped on EIA spacing - both in the front and in the rear. Their 19" x 77" panel space provides significant mount- ing space and they are easy to assemble, weighing only 37 pounds. The racks are available in your choice of a natural finish (NF) or a black-textured powder coat (BT). Accessories, including shelves, pan- els, and brackets, are also available. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bud. TESSCO No. 11372 Aluminum Relay Rack, 19" x 77" List: $203.40 TESSCO No. 377772 Aluminum Relay Rack, 50" x 23" List: $220.35 Aluminum Relay Rack Ground Resistance GONE MOBILE CLAMP-ON TESTER MODELS 6416 & 6417 We got you covered. Both models display voltage and sound an alarm when potential unsafe conditions exist In the dark? No problem. 6416 & 6417 have a large, multi-function, bright yellow organic display visible in all lighting conditions More storage. Conduct field surveys, retrieve and analyze readings from up to 2000 measurements Usable in more environments. Selectable test frequencies provide accurate results in both resistive and inductive environments A simple solution to read your measurements MODEL 6417 is available with an Android application for easy data programming, downloading, printing and e-mailing test results from your mobile device. With its mobile GPS capability, users are now able to easily locate the site associated with the measurements. RESULTS, ON THE GO! IP Rated 40 RET Controller Ethertronics www.tessco.com/go/ethertronics Ethertronics is a technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF system solutions for wireless devices, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and small cells to deliver the best connected experience for operators, original equipment manufacturers and consumers. The company designs and manufac- tures high-performance embedded and external antenna solutions. The new EtherDAS Indoor solution enables mobile operators and neutral-host site companies to exceed customer expectations. EtherDAS is the world's first DAS solution to achieve Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performance of -153dBc. The patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology provides a strong foundation for passive and active antenna designs. New TESSCO Infrastructure Partner TIM DODGE Vice President, Strategic Marketing ELIZABETH MASSANOPOLI Graphic Designer TYLER MEWHIRTER Integrated Marketing & Campaign Manager RUSS BRADLEE Integrated Marketing & Campaign Sales Manager The Wireless Journal

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