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Mobility Solution Enables Real-Time Video Streaming for Police Boats on the Chesapeake Bay (continued from page 1) Multiband, Low Profile Antenna Provides Cell Coverage for Tornado Trackers Submitted by Kevin Parrish, NBC Network News Engineer Television viewers have come to rely on The Weather Channel (TWC) for up-to-the-minute weather reports. Earlier this year, NBC Network News engi- neers needed specialized antennas to support an unusual undertaking that would broaden TWC coverage of severe weather events dur- ing tornado season. NBC was custom-building specialized vehicles for its "Tornado Track 2014" field expedition. The show provides live television remote broadcasts from Tornado Alley, that area of the United States where tornadoes most frequently occur, particularly in parts of Texas and Oklahoma. Wireless communications are critical for the expedition's operations and safety in this specialized, dynamic mobile environment. It is critical for the Tornado Track team to ac- cess and maintain a reliable, cellular, carrier- provided Internet service at all times. In previous years, cellular coverage within many areas of Tornado Alley was spotty and problematic. "When those twisters touch down, and we are in close, the situation can get pretty hairy very quickly," said one TWC meteorologist. "We can't afford to lose our wireless connections at all, even in those extreme situations." TWC meteorologists require continu- ous access to various weather radars and meteorological systems while operating in a 100 percent completely dynamic, mobile en- vironment. This access is critical for them to provide accurate forecasts, weather advisories and timely public safety warnings to viewers during severe weather events. NBC engineers wanted to solve the cellu- lar coverage problems for the 2014 expedition. They found a solution with a unique multi- band (LTE/cellular, Wi-Fi/WiMAX, GPS) MIMO Ground Plane Independent low-profile an- tenna manufactured by London-based Panorama Antennas, a TESSCO ven- dor. Delivery of the antennas was expedited so that NBC could quickly install them on the Tornado Track expedition vehicles. Feedback from the field notes dramatically-improved cel- lular data coverage from Tornado Alley with the Panorama Antennas. The Tornado Tracker team had the wireless coverage they needed to deliver accurate, uninterrupted reports during the spring season of heavy tornado activity. Seeing is Believing The DNR invited RAD to conduct a proof-of- concept trial that involved deploying a couple of base stations with dual sector antennas on one of their towers. In tandem, selected police boats were equipped with an Airmux sub- scriber unit and two omni antennas. The use of two sector antennas at each endpoint en- ables the solution to operate in diversity mode for maximum reliability and resiliency , even in this particularly challenging environment. The proof-of-concept trial was conducted flawlessly. As the MNRP patrolled vast stretches of the bay, the video feed streamed continuously with seamless handoffs between the sectors . The solution easily met the base- line requirements for throughput at the target nautical speed. Clear, high-quality color video streamed without a hitch. With the successful completion of the proof-of-concept trial, the MNRP has moved into full deployment mode, outfitting dozens of towers and many police boats . After a long and arduous search, they finally found the right solution. "We see great interest and great response to our Airmux Mobility solution for security and surveillance applications, perimeter and border protection, mass transit and a variety of other key applications," states Kobi Gol, RAD's Head of Product Management. "The success of the DNR maritime application," he continues, "with the unique challenges it presents, is a testament to the merits of our mobility solution." Features mobile unit 200kph Benefits availability MIMO, OFDM, and antenna diversity functionalities operations, border and perimeter protec- tion, and transportation applications and challenging conditions " We were amazed at the capabilities of the RAD mobility solution to maintain a robust connection under such difficult conditions." Scott McClure TESSCO's Broadband & Networking Business Unit Director RAD's Airmux Mobility solution for this application delivers over 4 Mbps throughput per boat while traveling up to 40 knots over distances of up to seven miles. S O L U T I O N Panorama Antenna's MIMO, low-profile antenna used by The Weather Channel for their customized Tornado Tracker vehicle. TESSCO No. 503466 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. June / July 2014 Visit www.tessco.com/go/rad. "Wireless communications are critical for the expedition's operations and safety in this specialized, dynamic mobile environment. ''

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