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FEATURED SOLUTION www.tessco.com/go/twj 23 June / July 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. Site Communications Systems Improve Performance and Productivity Teams of people working together in close coordination, whether on a campus or at a large facility, can benefit from a wireless site communications system. Site communications include private, two-way wireless systems that operate in the VHF (typically 136-174 MHz) and UHF (typically 438-470 MHz) bands, or in some cases, in the 900 MHz unlicensed frequency range. By selecting a specific channel on which all radios on the system will operate, team members can communicate with each other on site as if they were on a private network. Smooth Operations Site communications applications vary. In the hospitality busi- ness, for instance at a large hotel or resort, a site communica- tions system helps managers and supervisors, front desk per- sonnel and bell captains, and housekeeping and security remain in touch with one another, ensuring a smooth flow of operations and delivery of guest services. With instant communications throughout the site, management and staff can adjust and respond to dynamic situations, even emergencies. In this type of environment, the radios are compact and can be clipped to a belt or tucked in a pocket. An accessory cable equipped with an earphone and microphone plugs into the radio and can be inconspicuously attached to clothing. To communicate, team members can utilize push-to-talk func- tionality to address single users and the group. Greater Efficiency and Safety At large construction sites such as high-rise buildings or cell towers, site communications are a necessity. Workers and supervisors at ground level need to communicate with workers at higher levels on the structure. Distance, noise and the structure itself all prevent direct conversations. At a cell tower site, hoisting heavy cables or lifting expensive and sensi- tive cellular radio or microwave equipment into place requires instant communications, particularly where equipment is not always visible from the ground. More important, with workers high above ground level, safety is always paramount and constant communication is critical. A site communications system allows everyone to be in touch at all times so that work can be performed efficiently and safely. Two-way radios used in construction and industrial environments are rugged and designed to work both indoors and outside in the elements. Radios can be hand held or attached to the body and operated with a wired remote speaker microphone that can be clipped at shoulder level allowing for hands- free operation. Advanced accessories such as smart chargers/analyzers and high-noise environment headsets can maximize communication at these sites. FEATURED MANUFACTURERS SITE COMMUNICATIONS Featured Products Two-Way Radios Two-Way Radio Batteries Two-Way Battery Chargers & Analyzers Two-Way Radio Headsets Two-Way Radio Microphones Encoders Decoders & ANI Systems TESSCO is Your Total Source for two-way radio solutions. For over 30 years, TESSCO has been a leading supplier of two-way radio solutions to commercial, industrial and government customers. We continue to feature the best manufacturers in mobile, portable and interoperable two-way radio systems and related accessories. We make it easy to do business with our broad selection from the industry's top manufacturers, pre- and post-sales technical support and our value-added service including flexible financing options, warranty, logistics services and training. Critical Communications

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